"Get the Job You Want in IT: Insider Strategies for a Successful Job Search Campaign" Released by Signalman Publishing

Signalman Publishing announces release of a new book for Information Technology professionals which outlines proven, practical steps the job seeker must take for a successful job search campaign. This book is written by IT industry insiders who detail what works and what doesn't for those seeking a position in the IT field.

Orlando, FL, June 24, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Today's tight job market extends even to the once hot fields within Information Technology where those with the right skill-set often took it for granted that they could easily land a good paying position. However, with layoffs over the past couple of years along with a reluctance by corporations to hire, today's IT professionals feel the need to improve their job hunting skills in order to gain an edge as they embark on what they hope to be a successful job search campaign.

With decades of experience as managers in corporate IT shops, Ian O'Sullivan and John McClure reveal the insider strategies that will help IT professionals in today's job marketplace gain that edge going into their search campaigns. "I see too many folks coming into interviews still not getting it," explains co-author IanO’Sullivan. "They make fundamental mistakes that potentially costs them a job offer," O'Sullivan continued.

Co-author John McClure added, "We wrote this book to help those already in the IT field, or those who are looking to be hired in IT better understand what IT managers are looking for when they are making decisions on who can fill an open position."

O'Sullivan and McClure have teamed up in this new book to help their colleagues discover and employ proven strategies to land the job that they want in the Information Technology field. "Get the Job You Want in IT" is a workbook that outlines a simple 12 step process for conducting a successful job search campaign. Perhaps this book could not come at a better time given the 9.8% unemployment rate for IT workers (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics) which translates to about 300,000 currently unemployed and conducting an active job search campaign. Additionally there are many others who are looking either to enter the IT field or, if they are already employed, looking to make a change. This book walks the candidate through each step of the process from determining their own skills, talents, and strengths, to understanding the inner workings of an IT shop to the critical steps of networking, resumes, interviewing, and compensation negotiation.

"Get the Job You Want in IT: Insider Strategies for a Successful Job Search Campaign" (ISBN:978-0-9840614-7-1, Trade Paper, 132 pages, $24.99, Non-fiction) is distributed through Ingram and is now available at Barnes & Noble, on Amazon, and wherever fine books are sold.

About the Authors
Ian O'Sullivan has more than twenty years experience in the Information Technology field including extensive management and leadership positions with Fortune 500 companies in the areas of application development and solution delivery. As a Technology Management Consultant, Ian implemented software construction best practices optimizing product quality, reliability and timeliness for major U.S. corporations. Ian is an expert at building and leading successful teams in delivering enterprise level software solutions.

John McClure has twelve years experience in corporate America as an IT manager encompassing most of the functions of an IT shop including software development and solution delivery, project and product management, and network systems and infrastructure support including enterprise help desk management. John has a Master's Degree in Information Systems from Hawaii Pacific University.

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