The New Book, "My Crazy, Pregnant Wife" is Now Selling Online Detailing a Spin on Pregnancy for Dads and Moms Alike

Author Jeff Walter takes the reader down a road less travelled in the pregnancy stages of women, week by week over the course of 9 months. This pregnancy playbook for dads will keep the audience laughing as the reader learns what a "Preggo-Stat" can teach a husband about the weekly moodiness of his crazy pregnant wife.

San Clemente, CA, July 24, 2010 --( Currently being released on Amazon is the new hit book by Jeff Walter giving his take on pregnancy and all of the baggage that comes with it. This uncut week-by-week tale of short stories about dads details a humorous playbook of surviving pregnancy with a crazy wife. The book provides an extreme and irreverent look at how husbands feel, yet rarely--or very delicately--express to their spouses. Readers will embark down a road that only a wife thinks she truly knows – pregnancy. Men can try and relate, be sympathetic, and listen but overall, a man's wife will constantly remind him of one thing – men know very little about being pregnant. This writer taps directly into a weekly log of pregnant wife hysteria. It’s here where the maternal magic begins. Jeff Walter has assigned a wife moodiness rating called the Preggo-Stat. It's much like a thermostat that determines the temperature at a given moment, yet it determines the craziness of a woman as she nears her due date. This rating of low, medium, or high will alert the reader as to how moody a man's wife will be in any given week of pregnancy. This insider information cluing a husband in to her escalating hormone levels will lead a man down the path of least resistance and potential peace during the otherwise hellacious months while living with a crazy pregnant wife. The book, My Crazy, Pregnant Wife discusses pregnancy humor as the writer describes issues that women want to read just to get the dirt on what he's thinking about during the 9 crazy months of pregnancy.

My Crazy, Pregnant Wife!
Jeff Walter