Designer Label IDILVICE Literally Rocks by Recycling Punk Rock Band T-Shirts in New York City

A unique limited edition garment collection featuring your favorite rock stars combines fashion and music in every sense of the word. Manufactured in the Garment District, IDILVICE clothing is now available worldwide online.

New York, NY, June 30, 2010 --( Maybe you've asked yourself in the past why your rock idols photos are only widely available on a t-shirt. Well, IDILVICE certainly did. Things started off in the early Nineties when IDIL, the Swiss Native designer of the IDILVICE collection, cut up her favorite XL men's rock 'n' roll t-shirts and fitted them to her own small female frame. There where no "Girlie Tees" available back then.

Since those days, IDILVICE never stopped evolving her concept and because of her desire for cool rock 'n' roll clothing and love for pop culture and pop art she kept inventing more and more different garments over time. Today the comprehensive, many music genres encompassing, original licensed clothing line is available to purchase in the designers online shop.

IDILVICE who has a masters degree in graphic design and an advertising background always had a thing for concept and the alternative (she is an autodidact taylor) and her collection "Fashion Rocks" represents those values.

There are skirts, dresses, pants, gowns, tops, jackets, hoodies and a variety of fun accessories. The featured artist list includes classic rock royalty and other music icons such as The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, AC/DC, Slash, The Rolling Stones, Sex Pistols, The Ramones, Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, Joy Divison, Ice T, Depeche Mode, Madonna, Public Enemy, Kid Rock, Jim Morrison, Billie Holiday, David Bowie, Mariah Carey, Metallica, Marc Anthony, RUN DMC, The Cure, Lady Gaga and so many more.

You can also find a few of IDILVICE's favorite pop culture icons such as Superman, Godzilla, Betty Boop, Betty Page, Lucille Ball, Batman, Star Trek, Vampirella, etc. Just in case you are unable to find your idol on a piece of clothing, customers can actually send in a request. IDILVICE takes into consideration custom orders in addition to plus size requests.

Customers can search by type of garment, by artist and by type of music inspiration. For those customers who are not keen on browsing, they can easily access the New Arrivals category for instant gratification of brand new daily additions.

IDILVICE prices start at around $79 for a A-lined t-skirt, $89 for a strapless dress, $235 for a puff sleeved tunic dress, $349 for a studded tribute dress, $449 for full length evening gowns as well as top stitched jackets and can go up to about $700 - $800 for a One Of A Kind.

Just like in music where you have a variety of genres, IDILVICE's fashion styles range from casual sportswear to hippie punk, rockabilly, skater/surf/ska girl attire, club and beach wear to classic goth clothing.

Most garments are made from original licensed recycled t-shirts. Some items such as the simple drawstring A-line skirt only uses a string and some rib knit in addition to using almost the entire original fabric of the t-shirt. Some more elaborate designs are combined with other types of fabrics, trims and embellishments, such as buttons, studs, patches, etc., which either compliment and match the recycled print or stand in contrast with it, either structurally or graphically.

Besides being proud of her achievement of making available a very unique idea to the general public, IDILVICE could not be more proud about the fact that her collections are still made in NYC for much more than a decade now. In a New Yorker article from 2009 IDILVICE was named as one of the very few designers besides Oscar De La Renta and Anna Sui to still produce locally in the USA. IDILVICE is a member of the Save The Garment District Association.

A few years back Elvis Presley Enterprises in Memphis discovered IDILVICE's body of work and commissioned her to design a couture collection for Elvis Presley. The Elvis Presley Clothing category is today one of IDILVICE's largest of one single artist.

Some of the IDILVICE collection best sellers are:
The Ian Curtis Photo Dress
The Beatles Photo Dress
The Einstein Skirt
The Depeche Mode Dress
The John & Yoko Dress
The Marley Bead Dress
The Woodstock Tunic Dress
The Billie Holiday Skirt
The Hendrix Pop Art Hoodie
The Grateful Dead Skirt
Idil Doguoglu