UCG Bible Study Guide Provides Hope and Help for Overcoming Substance Abuse

The United Church of God has added a new lesson on “Understanding and Overcoming Substance Abuse” to the www.FreeBibleStudyGuides.org site, bringing the total number of Bible lessons to 45 so far.

Cincinnati, OH, July 01, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Though many modern illegal substances, like methamphetamines, heroin and cocaine, were unknown to the writers of the Bible, the Holy Scriptures do have a lot to say about alcohol abuse and related subjects that can be applied to today’s substance abuse problems.

The new Bible Study Guide on “Understanding and Overcoming Substance Abuse” (http://www.freebiblestudyguides.org/bible-answers/understanding-overcoming-substance-abuse.htm) addresses this challenging subject from a hopeful and helpful perspective. The lesson explains:

“For anyone struggling with substance abuse or addiction, there is reason for great hope! God created us and gave us His Word, the Bible, with the essential keys for overcoming and spiritual growth. With that foundation and the strength that comes from God, plus professional advice and counseling, you can win the victory over substance abuse!”

Judy Markley, a counselor in Oregon, contributed her professional expertise to this lesson, along with Don Hooser, a longtime minister of the United Church of God.

The lesson uses modern and biblical stories and scriptures to provide relevant and helpful answers to issues such as addiction, shame, relapses and recovery. The lesson also includes a practical “Apply Now” section and links to related resources.

Mike Bennett, UCG editorial content manager, said, “We want these lessons to be relevant, engaging and life-changing, and we welcome suggestions for future lessons or for improving the lessons.”

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Mike Bennett