IBYS Launches New Version of Its PDA QoS Testing Solution

Ibys Technologies launches the new version of “Xplorer QoS Programmable Device” that allows to execute tests and to measure the Quality of Service of telecommunication networks based on GSM, GPRS, UMTS and HSPA just using a PDA.

Madrid, Spain, July 02, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Ibys Technologies, a Spanish independent provider of End-to-end “Quality of Service” (QoS) Testing, Performance and Monitoring Solutions, announces the launch of the new version of its solution “Xplorer QoS Programmable Device.” This new version allows to execute tests and to measure the Quality of Service of telecommunication networks based on GSM, GPRS, UMTS and HSPA just using a PDA.

Ibys Technologies’ core solution Xplorer QoS System until now used Probe Units that are in charge of executing all Quality of Service tests. Each of these Probe Units simulates complex end-user behaviour handling up to 8 test interfaces at the same time. Like end-users, the Probe Units use devices like PDA, commercial and industrial cell phones, PSTN lines, xDSL routers, WiMAX interfaces, etc. for the testing process, either for fixed location as for driving tests.

The new version is now able to monitor Network, Voice, Messaging and Internet services without having the PDA physically connected to a Probe Unit. The new Xplorer QoS Programmable Device is a remote Mobile Terminal that allows testing and monitoring the Network, Voice, Messaging and Internet services at any site or place without having to install a complete Probe Unit. This device communicates automatically with the Control Unit, for programming tasks, collected measurement data and to notify alarms.

The Programmable Device works as an autonomous device that is managed, configured and programmed from the Control Unit of the Xplorer system just like any standard Probe Unit. The Programmable Device collects and measures all the necessary parameters that are send to Xplorer’s Control Unit, the central administration, configuration and reporting server, which is in charge of processing and analysing the collected data to generate QoS Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and the desired quality reports. The route of Walk Tests can be visualized within the Geographical Map Representation Module of the centralized Reporting System. The physical communication between the Control Unit and the Programmable Device is performed in a completely transparent manner to the user.

The Control Unit also provides a complete centralized supervision of all PDA, which provides real-time monitoring tools for Network Coverage, Cell-Id, LAC and availability of either 2G or 3G, Loss of RF signal, fading, Cell Changes, Device internal data (battery status and device capabilities).

Ibys’ CEO Fernando Palop says, “The Xplorer QoS Programmable Device is the new generation of Monitoring and Testing of Quality of telecommunication services. This new version of our solution doesn’t only give the operators the chance to acquire a lightweight but complete QoS/QoE solution enabled for a massive KPI monitoring, it also provides a system which is able to measure QoS/QoE in places where fix Probe Units and Driving Tests Probe Units cannot reach as on Walk Tests in Shopping Malls, Governmental Buildings, Executive offices or floors in companies, etc.”

The new version of Xplorer QoS Programmable Device can run as an independent solution or as an extension module to Xplorer QoS System.

About Ibys

Ibys Technologies S.A. is a Spanish company with international operation founded in 1989 and is dedicated to designing, manufacturing and delivering of End-to-end “Quality of Service” (QoS) Testing, Performance and Monitoring Solutions for worldwide Telecom Authorities and Telecom Operators.

Ibys Technologies’ Test Platform, Xplorer QoS, allows Regulators and Operators to test and monitor mobile and fixed services. Services like SMS, MMS, Voice, IVR, FTP,WAP, Video-audio streaming, Video-conferencing, Roaming, VoIp, and much more, are automatically scrutinized by Xplorer QoS, as well as technologies like GSM, CDMA, 3G, 3.5G, Fixed, WiMAX, etc.

Together with the QoS Solution, Ibys provides Consultancy, Audit and related Professional Services for worldwide customers like Telefonica, Orange, Meditel, Vodafone or TMN.

For more information, please call +34 913 885 400, send an email to dvolkenandt@ibys.com or visit www.ibys.com.

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