Lloydshare Annuities is Now on Facebook

Lloydshare Annuities has created a profile on Facebook to help members stay connected.

Panama, Panama, July 02, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Lloydshare Annuities (www.lloydshare.com), the global leader in providing investment packages linked to vacation properties, is pleased to announce a Lloydshare Facebook account (www.facebook.com/lloydshare).

Lloydshare Annuities offers the opportunity to apply to link your vacation properties to an investment fund, guaranteeing a fixed sum payout at the end of the term. This long-term investment allows the owner to continue to enjoy their property while it is in the Lloydshare investment fund.

The idea of linking a vacation investment to the stock market is not a new idea. A high percentage of European property buys have been based on banking loans linked to the stock market for over 25 years.

Through British Isle banking laws, Lloydshare protects 90% of its funds by investing with government backed guarantors. This added security to the Lloydshare funds makes the company popular with resorts and vacation properties developers who recognize Lloydshare's added-value for their members.

With a worldwide client-base, maintaining an active dialogue with it's customer base is now easier with the Lloydshare page on Facebook.

Lloydshare clients can now follow the news and updates directly from the company, and communicate with other Lloydshare members.

The interactive Facebook page gives Lloydshare members the option to upload photos and videos of them using their vacation properties, tell stories, and share experiences. Lloydshare hopes to use this input from its clients to strengthen the company; insight that will give the company an edge over their competition.

Lloydshare is built on sound investment practice, and uses Lloyd's TSB as the corporate bankers and custodians of the fund deposit security. Stretching back to 1765, Lloyd's TSB follows a long history of success in banking and investment.

The American Resort Development Association (ARDA) accepted Lloydshare as a member in 2002, recognizing the investment programs as "Quality, Service, and Excellence in the Resort Industry." Since that time, Lloydshare increased its involvement in the association, and is now a sponsor as well as a member.

Members of Lloydshare's investment programs are invited to join the Facebook page (www.facebook.com/lloydshare) and stay up-to-date on corporate news or information directly from the company, communicate with Lloydshare or other members, and upload photos and videos of their vacations.

To receive your free quote, or for more information how you can vacation for free with Lloydshare Annuities' investment products, visit Lloydshare (www.lloydshare.com) today. Tomorrow you could be vacationing for free.

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