Custom Toll Free Announces Reservation Platform in Response to FCC’s New 855 Toll Free Prefix

Seattle, WA, July 02, 2010 --( Custom Toll Free, a national leader in search, marketing and provisioning of vanity toll free numbers, announced today that it has created a unique platform for reservation of the newly announced 855 prefix. Through the website found at, clients can request any 855 toll free number and be placed into a queue awaiting the October 1st rollout.

The new 855 prefix is being released to address the short supply of existing toll free number area codes (800, 888, 877 and 866). It has been a 10-year wait since the release of the last toll free prefix, the 866 area code. The release of 855 toll free numbers is welcome news for businesses, providing relief and incredible opportunities previously out of reach for many companies, especially those that missed out on the earlier toll free releases.

For those who already have toll free numbers, a new prefix allows for competitors to capitalize on the success of expansive branding efforts. As seen in the 866 release, acquiring toll free numbers that are the same or similar to existing giants in the industry can mean huge success for new campaigns. It's easy for someone to imagine the success of a company using 855 FLOWERS, or 855 CONTACTS. Of course there is always the opportunity for existing toll free users to reserve the 855 prefix in an attempt to block such competitive marketing.

"This is the most important intellectual property release in the toll-free industry of the past decade," said Chris Rugh, chief executive officer of Custom Toll Free.

"Toll free numbers, especially vanity numbers, have shown their ability to reduce operating costs, dramatically increase advertising effectiveness, maximize marketing ROI and create revolutionary multimillion dollar businesses," said Christy Brugger, vice president of sales and marketing for Custom Toll Free. "The release of the new 855 toll free numbers means a once in a lifetime opportunity for many businesses."

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Custom Toll Free is a national leader in the field of web services and marketing with vanity phone numbers. Custom Toll Free provides clients number search and location, market consulting, direct response services and e-commerce technology solutions for marketing and telecommunications companies nationwide. For more information, please visit or call customer service phone number 1.800.CUSTOMIZE.

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