Dress Up Your Naked Windows with Simple Solutions

New website offers simple solutions to purchase window treatments to block out light or heat, or to just plain decorate. It is user friendly and unique because it gives a total perspective on window care and decorating for the "do-it-yourselfer."

Albuquerque, NM, July 03, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Some windows look good naked, like if you want a great view or do not need to worry about someone looking in at you. But if you need to have privacy, want to block out light or heat, or just want to decorate, you may need to choose window coverings to dress up that glass. Shopping online for window treatments can be a bit crazy, too much to see and a lot of confusion.

Glenn and Toddy Dieckman, the founders of For Your Windows, have been in the residential window business for almost 30 years. Starting out in residential window cleaning in the early 80's, they founded, successfully operated and sold several companies on the West coast and in the Southwest. They landed 22 years ago in Albuquerque, New Mexico where they expanded with a large customer base into measuring and installing window coverings to the already existing window cleaning customers.

For Your Windows was the obvious next step to expand their endeavors since so many people enjoy shopping online and many like to become "do-it-yourselfers". For Your Windows offers the very basic, but the most popular choices in window coverings for reasonable prices, and they ship nationwide. Toddy found most online shopping for window coverings confusing. That inspired the idea to keep it simple.

Keeping it simple is the goal. Online shopping is here to stay, so if you need window coverings, why not get what you want, save money and keep it simple. And, along with that you can enjoy all the tips about window care they include in their For Your Windows blog (foryourwindows.wordpress.com).

For Your Window offers curtains, drapes, cellular shades, aluminum blinds and wood blinds for all your window covering needs. The main focus is based on simplicity, sort of a "window decor for dummies" approach. If you want great products, great prices and helpful tips be sure to check out For Your Windows for all your window decorating ideas. Visit at www.foryourwindows.com.

For Your Windows ships nationwide.


Glenn and Toddy Dieckman started out over 30 years ago in the Portland, Oregon area, with a window cleaning company called My Window Man. After building and selling several other offices in various locations they settled in New Mexico where the existing company services over 8,000 customers both with window cleaning and window covering sales. There are also offices in San Diego and Oxnard.

About 15 years ago, they began to notice a trend. Instead of cleaning questions, their customers were asking more and more questions about window coverings. And, being that My Window Man was their ‘go to’ source for all things windows, Glenn and Toddy began working to bring them the best products they could find. And that is how For Your Windows came into being. Both For Your Windows and My Window Man in Albuquerque are family owned and operated.
For Your Windows
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