Introducing Audimute’s New Absorption Sheets in Charcoal—a Portable, Easy-to-Hang, Attractive Sound Control Solution

Beachwood, OH, July 04, 2010 --( Portable is affordable.

For years people have tried a variety of affordable solutions—from hanging carpets on walls to scattering egg cartons around the room—to reduce echo and reverberation in homes, studios, and other spaces where sound needs to be controlled. Audimute created its original Sound Absorption Sheets in response to this obvious need for an inexpensive and portable sound control option. Now Audimute proudly adds another innovative solution to its lineup: Sound Absorption Sheets in an attractive and discreet charcoal color.

The new absorption sheets exemplify Audimute’s commitment to its customers. They were designed to meet customer requests for superior sound control that would blend with any setting. Audimute’s new sheets perform as beautifully as the originals, and now provide a low-key, non-reflective background that’s perfect for stages and studios. “The visual warmth of this new product matches the warmth of its acoustic effect,” notes Audimute Founder and President Mitch Zlotnik.

The innovation goes beyond the elegant new color. Portability has always been the hallmark of Audimute Sound Absorption Sheets, and the new sheets enhance the versatility that made the originals a favorite of artists everywhere. They now feature grommets for effortless installation and removal―no special clips or fasteners required. From the apartment to the stage and anywhere in between, the new sheets are ready to tame reflection, echo, and reverberation.

The new Sound Absorption Sheets in charcoal hold to Audimute’s philosophy of affordable performance. Pricing for the new sheets―as low as $27 each―is well below the cost of comparable products. Sheets are sold individually and in kits, including the starter kit (14 long sheets), room kit (21 long sheets), and garage kit (49 long sheets). Audimute’s Sound Absorption Sheets are made from eco-C-tex, the finest non-synthetic and environmentally friendly material on the market.

Audimute is a family-owned and -operated company that manufacturers each of its remarkable products in the USA. It prides itself on being customer-driven, and that focus is reflected in every detail—from developing products that meet the specific requests of its valued customers to providing same-day shipping. “This new product shows that we are listening,” Zlotnik says, “and we will continue to listen to our customers and meet their needs.”

About Audimute
Audimute is a well-respected soundproofing and acoustical improvement company founded on the principles of cutting-edge technology, environmentally conscious innovation, and quality craftsmanship. Over the years Audimute has proudly provided its customers with exceptional acoustic solutions at low prices as well as the peace of mind afforded by unbeatable service.

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