mp3cityguides Looking for Smartphone Developers

mp3cityguides, the developers of handheld tourist information technology and the fastest growing creator of downloadable city tours, is looking for developers to help it create more tours for smartphones such as the Google Android, HTC and Palm Pre.

London, United Kingdom, July 03, 2010 --( mp3cityguides is looking for developers who can work with it to create mp3 files and graphics so that its tours of cities such Florence, London and Paris can be enjoyed by visitors on their phones. mp3cityguides already has a very successful offering for Nokia phones and works with an iPhone App developer.

“We sell hundreds of our guides from our website and we’re delighted with progress here but we know that smartphone applications are an important part of our offering and so we’re looking for developers and technical experts who can help us here,” said Simon Brooke, founder and managing partner of mp3cityguides.

mp3cityguides has over 20 audio city guides to cities ranging from Florence and Rome to Barcelona, London, Edinburgh, Amsterdam and Vienna. Monaco, Lyon and an additional Rome guide are to be added shortly.


For more information or a free download please contact Simon Brooke on + 44 (0)7958 239892 or

About mp3cityguides
mp3cityguides is the fastest growing creator of downloadable tours of cities and Internet and hand held technology based tourist guides and tourism information. Founded in 2006 by Simon Brooke, an award winning journalist and travel writer, it currently offers more than 20 walking tours with a further 10 to be added this year.

A full affiliate programme is available to help airlines, hotels and other players in the travel industry enhance their customer offering and increase their profitability.

Current partners include Hilton Hotels and VisitBritain, the official UK tourist authority.
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