Dr. Cell Phone Announces iPhone 4 Repair Services

The long-awaited iPhone 4 hit store shelves this month, and it doesn’t disappoint. Loaded with new and improved features, the iPhone 4 is getting rave reviews. And, though the iPhone 4 has only been available for a few weeks, Dr. Cell Phone has already added iPhone 4 repairs to its extensive list of services.

Dallas, TX, July 04, 2010 --(PR.com)-- The iPhone 4 is one of this summer’s most-anticipated new releases, and with good reason: It features a sleek new design and lots of cool extras, like a front-facing camera for video calling and a super-high-resolution “retina” LCD display.

Like its predecessors, the original iPhone and the second-generation iPhone 3G, the iPhone 4 will change the way we communicate and challenge the way we think about technology.

And like its predecessors, the iPhone 4 is, well . . . breakable. The iPhone 4’s new design includes a glass-encased front, a sleek, stainless steel casing, and a glass-encased back. On the plus side, the iPhone 4 is lightweight and much thinner than most smartphones out there. But that new glass back means that a fall in the parking lot can lead to twice the heartbreak.

That’s why Dr. Cell Phone – a Dallas-based, walk-in cell phone repair company – has launched its new menu of iPhone 4 repair services. Though the phone has only been on store shelves for a few short weeks, Dr. Cell Phone CEO says it’s only a matter of time before the repairs start trickling in.

“Things happen, you know? Your iPhone phone falls out of your lap when you’re getting out of your car – and your screen breaks into a million little pieces. And now, with the iPhone 4’s new design, so does the back of your phone.” says Ali.

Rob says Dr. Cell Phone will offer the same range of repair services for the iPhone 4 as it does for all of the other iPhone models, including bleeding (or “tie-dyed) screen repair, power button repair and replacement, volume control repair, and USB and headphone jack repair and replacement. Customers who live near one of Dr. Cell Phone’s walk-in repair centers (Dallas, Frisco, Addison and Houston) will receive same-day service – most iPhone 4 repairs can be completed in less than 30 minutes. And, customers across the country can use Dr. Cell Phone’s mail-in service.

About Dr. Cell Phone

Dr. Cell Phone is a comprehensive cell phone, iPod, MP3 player, laptop, and gaming system repair center headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Since opening in 2006, Dr. Cell Phone has repaired thousands of cell phones and personal electronic devices, and has expanded its operations into Dallas, Frisco, Addison, and Houston, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia. In addition to same-day service for walk-in customers, Dr. Cell Phone provides quick mail-in repair services for customers who don’t live near a repair center.

For more information about Dr. Cell Phone or to find a Dr. Cell Phone repair center near you, visit www.drcellphone.com or call 1-877-349-7297.

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