New Online Poker Sites for South Africa

Pocket Rockets has launched three new sites for online poker players from South Africa - all focused on increasing game skills.

Cape Town, South Africa, July 06, 2010 --( Pocket Rockets announced the availability of three new websites for online poker players from South Africa. The sites are targeted towards the beginning to intermediate level player, and are intended to increase their knowledge and expertise in this skills game. reviews the rules of the game, and readies the player for tournament play, with all the excitement that this brings. focuses on strategy, with topics such as money management, the strength of various poker hands, and the importance of position. combines learning with fun - the player will find poker tips, reviews of various types of games, and online poker rooms, but also a discussion of the role of poker in movies and songs, as well as a definitive answer to the question if beauty and poker brains can be combined, in the form of a list of poker babes.

Pocket Rockets is committed to bringing the South African player the best information available for a fun and exciting gameplay. Pocket Rockets partners with 888 Poker for some aspects.

Pocket Rockets
Jan de Vries