RealTime Publishing Are Delighted to Announce the Releases of the First Three Books in the "Saga of Pacific Islands Series" by Australian Author, David Luders

RealTime Publishing author, David Luders, releases the first three books of a series.

Limerick, Ireland, July 07, 2010 --( RealTime Publishing Announces Led by the Stars ( Break The Sky and Cataclysm - three of the nine "Saga of Pacific Islands series" of novels from Australian author, David Luders.

RealTime Publishing, Inc. ( ) has published Led By The Stars, Break The Sky and Cataclysm by David Luders, which are the author's most recent books to date and the first installments of a series of nine novels. The 6 x 9 Paperback in the Historical/Adventure category is available worldwide on book retailer websites such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble, Borders for a suggested retail price of $14.95. Multiple eBook formats are also available from the publisher's store ( where a webpage was launched simultaneously with these publications.

About the Books:
Fiction from the south Pacific islands is rare enough, but until now there has been none that reaches deep into their past. The Saga of Pacific Islands series is something new.

Few writers on the islands have strayed from non-fiction. There were James Michener’s Hawaii and Tales of the South Pacific and a few little-known novels but then we have to go back to classics - Robert Louis Stevenson, Somerset Maugham, R.M.Ballantyne and even Herman Melville. All those writers found fascination and romance but none delved into what it had sprung from. Only academics have pursued the origins and then only in their bloodless, laboured way.

Polynesians, in their islands scattered over the vast oceanic triangle between Hawaii, New Zealand and Easter Island, long held the limelight. A handsome, vigorous and engaging people, they captured the imagination of Europeans from the very first. Melanesia to the west is a different case. A chain of islands from New Guinea in the west to Fiji in the east, it was the route taken by the Polynesians’ ancestors on their migration from the vicinity of Taiwan into the expanse of the Pacific, 3000 years ago. Its people, smaller, dark of skin and more reserved, were for a long time mostly regarded by Europeans with disdain if not antipathy. Only slowly was their plethora of cultures and languages appreciated, and scholars habitually study the two races separately. Very few give much thought to any possible ancient interaction between them.

1. Led by the Stars is the first in the Saga Of Pacific Islands series of novels.

300 years before William the Conqueror brings feudalism to England, there is a like case in the Pacific islands. But there, two races meet, neither knowing until then that there are any others in the world. Polynesians, voyaging in quest of a place to start new fiefs, discover islands occupied by tribal blacks.

Amazement, fear and curiosity give way to fascination, prejudice and ambition, but across the racial divide friendships form. Antagonisms amongst the colonisers lead to conflict. Alignments emerge, families struggle with setbacks and misfortunes. Through it all, young people form liaisons, building a society unimagined when first the two peoples met. Who then are the conquerors, and who the conquered?

2. Break The Sky ( ) is the Second in the Saga of Pacific Islands series of novels.

It is 750 years ago. Coming across a tranquil island world, Tongan seafarers discover its hallowed narcotic drink made from a sacred plant and forbidden to all but local chiefs. Proposing to take it home to their ruler, they set off fierce disputes. At the same time, the budding romance of a high chief’s daughter and a young man of modest birth is abruptly blocked by her betrothal and the train of events set off has dire results.

Even in a quiet corner of the world a drug, however mild, drives conflict and change.

3. Cataclysm ( ) is the Third in the Saga of Pacific Islands series of novels.

It happened in 1452. A colossal volcanic explosion broke one island into five; for five years its dust pall blanketed the globe. What happened on the spot is a staggering story handed down for almost 500 years.

The catastrophe strikes before evacuation is complete. By astounding luck, two young people survive the stupendous blast. Rescued, they live through the severity of the aftermath. Wed, they begin restoring life on the remnant of their former home. Their lifelong struggle brings success marred by human frailty and the cataclysm leaves beliefs deeply shaken.

Expertly constructed at 218, 142 and 174 pages respectively, the trio are being aggressively promoted to appropriate markets with a focus on the Historical/Adventure category. With Global wholesale distribution through Ingram, Barnes & Noble, Baker & Taylor, Books a Million and Borders, and pervasive online availability through RealTime Publishing's ( online store, Amazon and elsewhere, the series meets consumer demand through both retail and library markets with a suggested retail price of $14.95 and $6.95, respectively.

Additionally, each can be ordered by retailers or wholesalers from the RealTime wholesale department by emailing To qualify for the maximum trade discount price set by the author, order in quantities of ten or more.

ISBN: 9781849610513, 9781849610544, 9781849610575 Format: 6 x 9 Paperback SRP: $14.95

ISBN: 9781849610490, 9781849610520, 9781849610551 Format: multi-format eBook SRP: $6.95

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