Franklin & Seidelmann Launches New Company Named Radisphere National Radiology Group to Deliver Professional Radiology Services

Franklin & Seidelmann, a full-service radiology provider, has announced the launch of a new company called Radisphere National Radiology Group that spans the country with the highest quality radiology services.

Beachwood, OH, July 07, 2010 --( Franklin & Seidelmann (F&S), a leading, full-service radiology provider, has announced the creation of a new company called Radisphere National Radiology Group that fulfills the original co-founders' vision of a practice that spans the country with highest quality radiology services. When Drs. Peter Franklin and Frank Seidelmann merged their practices in 2001, their analysis of the deficits in radiology included the lack of specialization in local practices; those available subspecialists having limited access to sufficient volumes of studies within their specialty to maintain their expertise; and the absence of clear and concise reports that reflect specialized imaging knowledge. They realized then that the common solution to these intractable problems was to recruit specialists from across the country and to provide remote services in order to more effectively serve imaging facilities.

Almost ten years later these problems are still a common lament at community hospital executive administration meetings. Through the experience gleaned from serving over 250 clients across the United States, F&S has grown to the point of having the largest network of specialized Radiologists. However this experience has also revealed that two other critical dimensions are necessary to project these specialized services over a broad geography.

"It became clear to us that a distinctive model was needed to transcend both the operational size and geographical reach needed to positively impact the quality and service levels for community hospitals," said Frank Seidelmann, D.O., co-founder and chairman of the board.

"By launching Radisphere services, we recognize that more qualifications are needed in addition to building the largest group of subspecialty radiologists, no matter how accomplished and qualified they may be."

Radisphere not only delivers exceptional clinical expertise but it also adds two additional dimensions; a significant software and workflow technology infrastructure and a large team of non-physician professional services members that assist the network of Radisphere physicians in delivering superior care support.

Radisphere brings together both custom-engineered technology and comprehensive support talent to extend radiology professional services to any corner of the country.

"Our ability to come into a community and introduce superior quality radiology services to the local medical staff is seen as a significant improvement in the day to day operations of our client hospitals," remarked Peter Franklin, MD, co-founder and chairman of radiology of Radisphere. "Because imaging services are at the starting point of the healthcare continuum, better quality and timely reports translate to higher quality healthcare," he added.

The National Radiology Group practice approach is simple in concept but difficult in the integration and deployment of technology, Radiologists, and support staff. For hospitals experiencing unsatisfactory results with their radiology services, Radisphere analyzes multiple aspects of their studies and workflow to develop a customized solution combining local general Radiologists supplemented by an extensive and highly regarded network of specialized Radiologists who are available 24 x 7. Radisphere's expertise lies in creating solutions where typically well over half of all studies are read remotely. The more studies that are read off-site, the more highly specialized is the interpreting Radiologist and the higher the quality of report.

The benefits of quality, though, are also coupled with significant benefits to the hospital’s bottom line.

"Once a study is acquired and archived at a client hospital, Radisphere takes full responsibility for the infrastructure and practices for the remaining downstream steps that are critical to timeliness of results, diagnostic accuracy of the interpretations and subsequent consultations with medical staff to ensure the best patient care," explained Scott Seidelmann, president & CEO of Radisphere. "By integrating these staffing, infrastructure, and support responsibilities, Radisphere has been able to develop and deploy a complete integrated set of tools and, in essence, an alternative delivery model of care that results in better clinical guidance, higher medical staff satisfaction and lower costs. The marriage of Radiologist specialization, workflow infrastructure and professional management staff are the dimensions of Radisphere that allow us to project our services across the nation."

About Radisphere:
Radisphere National Radiology Group leads the industry in exceptional radiology professional services to community hospitals. Radisphere is a comprehensive on-site and off-site provider that, due to our specialized Radiologists, enables clients to improve referring physician satisfaction, increase referrals and revenue while minimizing radiology staffing and departmental costs. Along with our locally placed general Radiologists, the Radisphere team of more than 100 specialized Radiologists, who combined are licensed in 50 states, includes: board certified musculoskeletal, neuroradiology, body, cardiac, emergency, pediatric, women’s imaging and nuclear medicine, all with advanced modality training. Radisphere utilizes a sophisticated custom-engineered technology platform called radii to distribute images, reports, and critical data throughout our network and securely to the hospital enterprise. Founded by pioneer subspecialty Radiologists, Radisphere is located in Cleveland, OH with 250 clients and more than 130 non-physician professional services team members. Visit or call 866-437-7237.

Michele Leoni