Guidelines on When to Use Remote Access as a Computer Repair Solution by West La Computer Services

Culver City, CA, July 07, 2010 --( West LA Computer Services, a computer repair and services company provides situations under which remote access would be a suitable option for computer repair.

Remote access is a fast, economical, and safe way to solve certain computer problems – but it’s not a universal cure-all, according to Faraj Skelil, owner of West LA Computer Services.

“Remote access saves time and money because clients don’t need to bring their systems to our shop or pay for a technician to come to their site,” says Skelil. “Also, once the problem has been solved, our clients can get back to work immediately, as if nothing has happened. Remote offers the same convenience as an onsite service call but takes much less time and so is much less expensive.”

Remote access technology allows West LA Computer Services and other companies that offer this service to connect remotely to the user’s computer system via the Internet and in effect “take over” to diagnose and often solve problems on the spot.

Remote access services are typically less expensive than on-site services and in-shop rates. Another benefit is that users don’t have to deal with dismantling their system, bringing it in to the shop, and having to set it up again after it’s repaired.

Skelil says remote access is most useful for software problems, which make up 70 to 75% of his business. “It’s ideal for problems like deleting and reinstalling problem software and so forth,” he says. Remote access is available for both PC and for Apple/Mac systems.

Other problems that can often be handled by remote access include printer and other driver issues as well as configuring or reconfiguring scanners, cameras, and other external devices. Remote access can also be used to transfer data between internal and external hard drives if needed.

Although remote access is often helpful in pinpointing and diagnosing hardware problems, actual repairs usually require a visit to the repair shop or a service call. The same is true if the operating system has been corrupted.

“And if you’re seeing symptoms that suggest that your system may be on the verge of crashing, you’re looking at an emergency, so it’s best to bring it in as soon as possible,” advises Skelil, a specialist in data recovery. “If it looks as if there’s a hard-drive problem, for example, it’s best to shut the system down and bring it in for testing, and so your data can be protected against possible loss or damage.”

When is remote access the first go-to solution for computer problem?

- If the operating system is running, the computer can be booted, and the hard drive is in good physical shape.
- If the computer can connect to the Internet access so the technician can connect to the system.

Skelil adds that sometimes clients may hesitate to request remote access because they’re afraid of an “outsider” taking over their computer.

“It can be jarring to be sitting in your office or at home and seeing someone moving the cursor around on your screen,” he says.

“But you have to trust whoever you use to help you with your computer, whether at your own site, in the shop, or remotely. When we finish the remote access session, we close the connection so the client isn’t exposed to any security threats.”

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Faraj Skelil