ShowMeCables Recognizes Release of HDBaseT Standard

ShowMeCables, an online provider of voice, video, and data solutions, recognized yesterday the release by an industry consortium of the HDBaseT digital audio/video transmission standard.

Chesterfield, MO, July 08, 2010 --( ShowMeCables, a St. Louis-based e-commerce wholesaler of voice, audio, and data solutions, recognized yesterday the finalization of the HDBaseT cable standard for transmitting high-definition audio and video signals. The new standard is designed to use RJ-45 Ethernet cables (based on the Cat5/Cat6 specification) and aims to address the problems of its predecessor A/V transmission technology, HDMI.

Formulated by a tech industry consortium whose members include LG, Samsung, Sony Pictures Entertainment, and Valens Semiconductor, the new standard is meant to surmount HDMI as the main digital A/V cabling standard by promising, among other things, longer cable length (up to 100 meters versus HDMI’s “few-meter-length” limit), power transmission capabilities (lacking among HDMI cables), and the ability to combine multiple audio/visual inputs into one cable.

Although HDBaseT cables and devices are not expected to ship until 2011, ShowMeCables is excited at the evolution of the Ethernet and digital audio/video standards and eagerly anticipates receiving new products—cables, connectors, and the like—based on HDBaseT. In the meantime, though, ShowMeCables continues to stock a full range of both HDMI and Ethernet products and services. To view ShowMeCables’s full selection of such products, head to

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Zach Arace