modusGate Achieves Virus Bulletin VBSpam Anti-Spam Certification

Vircom’s latest modusGate email security gateway scores outstanding 0.04% FP and ranks amongst the best anti-spam products around the world with the VBSpam Verified Certification program.

Montreal, Canada, July 08, 2010 --( In what has been the most participated-in test since the creation of the VBSpam certification scheme, Vircom scores a home run with modusGate Email Security Gateway software and receives a VBSpam Verified Certification with a ground breaking 0.04% false positives rate.

Recognized as an industry standard for measuring and benchmarking efficiency of anti-spam products, Virus Bulletin’s team conducted the test on 23 solutions from a variety of vendors. Vircom’s modusGate managed to score the second highest result for the false positives performance.

“Not only has botnet spam increased dramatically in June 2010 but it has been originating from a large number of geolocations throughout the planet. Furthermore, many different types of spam have been identified and processed, from the World Cup phishing scams to the annoying and useless email messages with no image, little to no text and absolutely no purpose” says Marc Chouinard, head of Email Security Operations at Vircom.

“Our customers have been praising modus technology performance for a decade and we have always been confident about its superior anti-spam capabilities. We are especially proud of this VBSpam Award as it confirms Vircom’s leadership and expertise in Email Security” said Sylvain Durocher, Founder and CEO of Vircom.

“The modusGate 5.0 scan engine features an enhanced Artificial Intelligence-based analyzer and a Sender Reputation System that reacts instantly to new botnet spam waves and allows Vircom’s email security solution to efficiently combat these modern and constantly evolving botnet infrastructures.”

Optimized for small and medium-sized corporate and service provider environments, modusGate is an email security gateway solution that runs on Windows 2003, 2008 and Virtual Machines. It performs spam/virus filtering and data leakage prevention for virtual and physical email servers, including Exchange® 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010 as well as Lotus® Domino, Novell® GroupWise and standard SMTP servers.

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About VBSpam
After more than a decade of experience in the field of anti-malware testing, Virus Bulletin began running an anti-spam testing and certification scheme at the beginning of 2009. The VBSpam test has since become a recognized industry standard. The entire Virus Bulletin report is available to subscribers at

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