ZEN Network Technologies - the Emerging Leader in DDoS Protection Chooses IntruGuard

ZEN Network Technologies announced today it has deployed multiple IG2000-U high capacity, robust DDoS mitigation appliances from IntruGuard to offer an effective, and cost-effective DDoS mitigation solution for its clients.

Sunnyvale, CA, July 08, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks aimed at shutting down websites are one of the costliest computer crimes. ZEN Network Technologies is an emerging leader in virtual hosting, dedicated servers, colocation, and DDoS protection. ZEN Network Technologies with NetDefender and ZENEnsure TM mitigation systems that filter DDoS attacks on hosted web-sites, announced today it has deployed multiple IG2000-U high capacity, robust DDoS mitigation appliances from IntruGuard to offer an effective, and cost-effective DDoS mitigation solution for its clients.

IntruGuard is widely deployed by some of the world’s leading web-hosting companies to protect their web sites from DDoS and botnet attacks. The appliances from IntruGuard ensure that legitimate users can access the sites while the botnet and DDoS attacks are blocked.

“ZEN Network Technologies has plenty of expertise in the DDoS mitigation space. We understand that thwarting DDoS attacks is not an easy task. Our network is extremely complex and the attack patterns are unpredictable,” said David Moreau, Director, ZEN Network Technologies. “We needed to provide a fail-safe hardware based high-performance DDoS mitigation. IntruGuard’s appliances were able to match our high expectations. IntruGuard IG2000 systems block attacks that other systems let go,” commented Moreau.

“IntruGuard’s IG2000-U-4 appliances were incorporated from day 1 into our DDoS mitigation plans. We knew we bought the right appliances as soon as we saw the visibility and controls we were offered through appliance’s GUI. Their pre-sales and post-sales support is world-class. We are glad that we deployed IntruGuard products into our network. Their new firmware which includes improved SYN flood mitigation logic withstood extremely heavy attacks and our website response was not affected at all,” added Moreau.

“We work with customers for whom DDoS mitigation is important. Every minute of downtime is a loss of money, time and resources for them. By utilizing the latest hardware and network technology from IntruGuard in conjunction with sophisticated software filters, massive Internet connectivity, and a little human interaction, our NetDefender and ZENEnsure TM systems are able to constantly monitor, recognize, and mitigate attacks before they affect our customers’ businesses,” said Moreau.

“We have added some great new enhancements to our DDoS attack mitigation hardware logic in 2010. These are able to keep up with the latest generation of attacks that hackers launch,” said Hemant Jain, co-founder and CTO of IntruGuard. “Most competing solutions in the market have technologies from early 2000s and are not able to match today’s crop of hackers,” added Jain.

IntruGuard’s products are available through resellers and distributors in some countries and directly in countries without resellers.

About ZEN Network Technologies

Based in United Kingdom, ZEN Network Technologies marries quality service and advanced technology to provide full-range, sophisticated products tailored to individual requirements. Whether you require a dedicated server or global protection against threats that target your products and services, ZEN is there to assist you at each stage in your development. For more information, visit: http://www.ZENprotection.com.

About IntruGuard

IntruGuard is a leading supplier of Network Behavior Analysis Systems for e-tailers, social networking companies, Software as a Service (SaaS) providers, online commerce companies, Internet Gaming companies, Web Hosting Service Providers, Internet Service Providers, Internet Data Centers and Enterprise Data Centers. These NBA systems provide granular real time network traffic visibility and provide automatic protection against targeted Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. For information visit http://www.intruguard.com.

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