Offers Tours of UFO Haunts

Due to overwhelming public demand, "Roswell UFO Walking Tours" will continue every weekend at the former Army air base in Roswell, New Mexico, where a crashed UFO and alien bodies were allegedly hidden from the public in 1947.

Roswell, NM, July 08, 2010 --( During the 2010 Roswell UFO Festival, held July 1-5, visitors to Roswell, New Mexico were treated to two special walking tours of the town's former Army base where, in 1947, a crashed "flying saucer" and alien bodies were allegedly hidden from public view at buildings that still exist today. Due to overwhelming public response to the "Roswell UFO Walking Tours," the tours are being continued year-round, on weekends, by UFO investigator E. J. Wilson, a Roswell area resident and former tour guide for the Roswell UFO Museum. The 90-minute walking tour covers slightly more than two miles and spotlights nine key locations within the old air base that are directly linked to the famous Roswell UFO incident.

Wilson, who worked with author Noe Torres on the book "Ultimate Guide to the Roswell UFO Crash: A Tour of Roswell's UFO Landmarks (Published Feb. 2010 by," remains amazed by the popularity of the new Roswell walking tours. "Literally, the phone hasn't stopped ringing with persons wanting to know more about the tours and wanting to make reservations." Wilson's Web site,, has also been deluged by "hits" from the curious. The tours have been featured on a number of Web sites, newspapers, and radio shows, including the July 4 online edition of the Oakland Tribune.

"The two evening walking tours we offered during the UFO festival, on July 2nd and 3rd, were the most amazing experiences of my life," Wilson said. "We had over 40 participants, and they were so excited to hear the complete story of the Roswell Incident while also witnessing first-hand the very places where it all happened. In addition to our paid guests, we were joined by radio broadcaster Jerry Pippin, Roswell author John LeMay, two different film crews, several reporters and photographers. They all agreed that the experience was like walking back in time to July, 1947."

Among the sites visited by the tour is Roswell's most notorious UFO landmark, the aircraft hangar known as "Building 84," where the UFO that crashed north of town and as many as four non-human bodies were brought by the military and stored temporarily while awaiting removal to other government facilities. "Our tour participants especially love Building 84," Wilson said. "There is a strong sense of the eerie at this location. You feel a strange energy - a direct link to 1947 - as you walk around the building. You allow yourself to experience what the base personnel experienced in 1947." Wilson allows his tour groups to tarry at the site, soaking up the strange feelings there and taking plenty of pictures in front of the wooden sign that still reads "Building 84."

Also pointed out during the tour is the location where an Army nurse claimed she saw military doctors performing an autopsy on three small, gray-skinned beings that were obviously not human. Other locations include the building where Roswell mortician Glenn Dennis received a sketch of the alien bodies from the nurse who witnessed the autopsy and the water tower where the lieutenant governor of New Mexico told friends he had seen a "plane without wings" and "four little men," one of which was still alive and "moaning."

Tour participants have given Wilson high marks for the level of detail in his tour narration, which he says comes from years of personal study into the case and also from his years of working as a tour guide at the UFO museum. "Noe and I developed the original script for the tour, and we've continued to modify it based on our actual touring experience," Wilson said. "We want our participants to get the full story without bogging it down with details that are not of critical importance." The most important part, Wilson said, is the impact of standing right next to the actual landmarks themselves. "It's one thing to talk about what happened here," he said. "It's another thing to reach out and touch it."

Wilson's UFO walking tours depart each Saturday at 9 a.m. from the Roswell Airport parking lot, located at 1 Jerry Smith Circle. "Look for the big, inflatable alien attached to my car," Wilson says. Reservations are required and are available by calling 575-416-0146. Full details and a map are located at The cost of the tours is $25, but $5 off coupons are available at the Roswell Convention & Civic Center, 912 N. Main and at the Roswell Landing Gift Shop, 205 N. Main. For groups of 10 or more, Wilson will customize a tour on a different day and time. He can also arrange for use of a van or limo for groups that prefer not to walk.

E. J. Wilson