Settlement Marketplace Company Makes Promise to Needy Children

Coral Springs, FL, July 08, 2010 --( The services of a structured settlement company allow individuals who receive settlement payments from court wins, lotto wins, pension accounts, etc., to cash out their payments for one lump sum. There are plenty of options available for individuals looking for structured settlement services, which can make it tough to decide which service is the best fit for them. One company, Settlement Marketplace, offers to match individuals with the best structured settlement companies for their specific financial needs, with one philanthropic twist.

Jorge Cortes, owner of Settlement Marketplace, has promised the children of Instituto Oscar Scarpetta Orejuela, an orphanage in his home country of Colombia, 15% of his profits every month. All of the money that Cortes raises for the orphanage is used to supply the children with food and quality education. The orphanage has been in existence for 80 years in Cali, Colombia.

When asked what he hopes to accomplish through his benevolent efforts, Cortes had this to say:

“Colombia is a country whose political stability has been hanging by a thread for years. The fighting between the government and guerrilla forces in Colombia has left a stain on an otherwise proud and beautiful culture. The children of the Instituto Oscar Scarpetta Orejuela have nothing to do with the fighting and want nothing more than the ability to exist peacefully. By helping to sustain and educate those children, I hope to impact the future of the entire world for the better. When children become educated, they are able to contribute to their communities in a positive way. Children who are educated learn to approach problems diplomatically, with their minds instead of with violence.”

Cortes hopes to serve as an example to other local businesses and encourages them to dedicate a portion of their profits to a good cause;

“If every private business contributes to a charity in some way,” he says, “over time, the government would be able to spend fewer tax dollars funding assistance and social welfare programs. Under our current system, citizens have no voice on how their tax dollars are spent, but through the voluntary efforts of private businesses, consumers could choose which causes to support based on where they purchase goods and services.”

Settlement Marketplace matches businesses with potential clients in need of structured settlement, pre-settlement, and debt consolidation services. Structured settlement services allow individuals to cash out structured payments for lump sum payments while pre-settlement services allow individuals to receive a cash advance pending the settlement of a case in which the individual expects to receive a cash settlement.

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