New Report Cloud Computing Market-Advanced Technologies, Global Forecast and Winning Imperatives (2010 -2015) Published by MarketsandMarkets

Cloud computing has not only become the part of computing industry but also is widely accepted by different industries.

Dallas, TX, July 09, 2010 --( Introduction

To define the global market for Cloud Computing.
To measure the global market for the Cloud Computing market and its sub-markets.
To analyze the trends and forecasts of the main market and its segments.
To identify the benefits and concerns of cloud computing.
Top compare cloud computing with other types of computing technologies.

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Report description
Cloud computing is one of the latest buzz in the business and computer industry. The evolution and advancement in cloud computing is one of the major developments in the computing area. Cloud computing has helped businesses to virtually use computer infrastructure, services and platforms as per their requirements with reduced cost. Cloud computing has not only become the part of computing industry but also is widely accepted by different industries. Though cloud computing adoption has been greatly increasing still there are major risks associated with it that limits its acceptance in few industries such as financial services and Banking. This report defines the cloud computing, describes the benefits and concerns of cloud and outlines the types of cloud computing, their market share and forecasted revenues.

Information Sources
All the major types of cloud computing segmented on the basis of services offered and location of cloud have been covered in detail in this report. As this report focuses mainly on the basic concepts of the cloud and types of cloud computing, they have included all the current possible segmentation of cloud computing. They have provided the key market developments along with its key players, drivers, challenges and competitive landscape in each type of cloud computing. They have conducted the primary research to have better understanding of the market and secondary research to know the trends existing in the market.

Table of Contents
1 Introduction
2 Summary
3 Cloud Computing Services Overview
3.1 Definition and Evolution of Cloud Computing
3.2 Cloud Building Blocks
3.3 Key Concepts
3.4 Types of cloud computing based on services offered
3.5 Types of Cloud Computing based on location of cloud
3.6 Value Chain of Cloud Computing services
3.7 Comparison between different types of computing: Grid, Utility and Cloud Computing
3.8 Pricing and Consumption models
4 Benefits of Cloud Computing

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