Helps Bring The Leading Chiropractic Software System from Australia to the U.S.

Spinalogic and have partnered together to help bring Spinalogic’s Chiropractic Practice Management Software to the U.S. market.

Minneapolis, MN, July 09, 2010 --( Spinalogic, founded in November 2003 by Dr. Richard Alexander Sawyer, is the leading Chiropractic Software on the market today, because it combines a Practice Management System and an Electronic Medical Records system into a single, robust package.

Spinalogic incorporates Chiropractor-specific benefits that no competitor offers, like X-ray acquisition & storage and X-rays on-screen during adjustment when the patient simply scans their finger print, an Accelerated Clinical Entry System for the creation of extensive, easy-to-read clinical reports as fast as one can click a mouse (or tap a touch screen), and their "Zero-Touch" payment system, which automatically bills electronically after the adjustment.

Market research shows that Chiropractic Doctors using Spinalogic to manage their practices work an average of 14 hours/week less than those who don't The same research shows that practices using Spinalogic spend an average of $23,334 less per 100 patients/week every year than those who don't.

"Spinalogic’s speed, reliability, and ease of use will help save chiropractors time and money allowing them to see more patients or if they want, go home early," says Douglas Yost, President and Founder of

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