Making Your Photographer Search More Personal

London, United Kingdom, July 09, 2010 --( The founder and owner of announced today the first stage of completion of its initial website, aimed at customers, both business and public, who wish to find a photographer.

Businesswoman, Nicole Simmons, said she saw an opening in the market for a reputable referral service for customers and photographers alike.

“Working in the creative industry, I have been in the position of needing to find photographers quickly and easily when our usual photographers have been unavailable. I honestly couldn’t imagine life without the Internet but the truth is you are inundated with choice for every search you do. In the deadline driven environment of the business world, who has the time to review all of the choices? What I wanted was to call or email someone I trust to narrow it down for me.”

TPF, The Photographer Finder, does exactly that. Much more than a directory but without the price tag of an Agency, TPF will source the most appropriate photographers for whatever branch of photography you are looking for. There is no charge for this service and there are a whole bundle of extras. Expert advice is provided on what questions to ask the photographers. Information to ensure you receive an accurate quote. Assistance with related services such as location finding, make up artists, studio facilities etc. Help with copyright issues and anything else that comes up.

This commitment to customer service is even more valuable to small businesses and the public who have little or no experience in commissioning photography.

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The Photographer Finder
Nicole Simmons