Rubicon Publishing Gives Textbooks a Facelift with Interface

New series equips students for life in the 21st century

Oakville, Canada, July 09, 2010 --( Rubicon Publishing Inc. is proud to announce the recent release of Interface, a groundbreaking four-volume series of core English resources for students in Grades 9 and 10.

Working with the Rubicon team, Series Editor Joan Green set out to create a resource that reflects the skills and habits of mind that today’s students need to thrive in our increasingly wired world. “Students who entered our high schools in 2010 have never known life without the Internet or a cell phone. Human relationships and dialogue about ideas and issues are still the core of learning in the 21st century classroom. However, the learning landscape and the roles of the players have changed significantly. In an inquiry-based classroom, we see the teacher’s role as that of facilitator and focused guide, who is sometimes a co-learner and co-investigator with the students. Today’s students learn best when their teachers see them as explorers, cognitive apprentices, and knowledge builders,” says Joan Green. “Interface sets the context for social interaction and intellectual engagement, which encourages students to reflect, collaborate, and think critically.”

There are many ways in which Interface creates what Joan Green calls a “contemporary learning experience.” Selections in the Interface student books integrate bold imagery and both classic and contemporary texts in a variety of genres, written by a range of authors from Margaret Atwood to Leonardo DiCaprio. Interactive tasks in the student books are designed to enhance literacy and 21st century skills including creativity, interpersonal skills, perspective taking, argumentation and advocacy, and media and technology literacy. Lastly, online materials include a suite of web-based tools, rich multimedia content, and the chance for students to personalize their learning.

Interface is currently available through Oxford University Press in Canada with plans to be distributed in the US and other countries shortly after.

About Joan Green
Joan Green has had a distinguished carer as an educator, policy advisor, and leader in the public sector. She was the first female Director of Education of the Board of Education for the City of Toronto and, prior to that, served as a teacher, principal, and superintendent. Joan is the founding CEO of the Ontario Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) and is a co-author and senior member of the editorial board of several award-winning language and literacy series.

About Rubicon Publishing Inc.
Founded in 1987, Rubicon Publishing is an award-winning publisher of K-12 educational resources for students and educators. Rubicon combines innovative ideas with a strong foundation in education to create original and imaginative resources of the highest quality. With a focus on improving literacy, Rubicon books and learning materials help students in the areas of language arts, math, social studies, science, and more.

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