MEAC’s Early Literacy Program Joins in the Race

It all began on July 1, 2010 when people from all across America started voting for ideas they believe can positively impact society. One such idea is MEAC’s Early Literacy Program aimed at preparing young disadvantaged children for academic success.

Cincinnati, OH, July 09, 2010 --( For more than two decades, MEAC has helped thousands of individuals and families living below the poverty line in Madisonville and the surrounding communities. Through its Emergency Assistance Program, funded in part by the City of Cincinnati, MEAC provides food, clothing, financial assistance, and referral services to families in need. MEAC’s Early Literacy Program is another of the agency’s efforts to continue to help individuals and families move toward self-sufficiency.

Since its introduction in 2008, MEAC’s Early Literacy Program, originally open to only children ages 3 to 5, has received great interest from families in the community it serves. Motivated by the success of the program, MEAC plans to expand the age range to include preschoolers through 3rd graders. Participants will receive free sessions focused on reading, comprehension, phonemic awareness, and oral language while gaining the social skills necessary for academic success. Many of the children who walk into the program are receiving academic assistance outside of the classroom for the first time.

“By providing early literacy intervention we help lead these young ones to the road of greater achievement,” said Robyn White, MEAC’s Literacy Program Coordinator. MEAC not only hopes to improve the literacy skills of its participants but also to inspire a great love for reading and education that will last a lifetime. “With the grant MEAC is vying for, we hope to employ professional staff, purchase educational materials and sustain the program in the coming years,” said White.

As voting continues, staff and volunteers at MEAC are working hard to keep the Early Literacy Program in the lead for the $50,000 grant that could brighten the future of many area children. More information about MEAC’s Early Literacy Program can be found on Pepsi Co.’s website, along with registration and voting for MEAC’s project at Voting continues through to July 31, 2010. Individuals can vote up to once a day throughout the duration of the contest and the top two proposals will be announced on August 1, 2010.

“By voting for MEAC’s Early Literacy Program, we are all supporting the future of these less fortunate children… With a vote, we can all make their dreams of great academic achievements more attainable,” added White.

Madisonville Education and Assistance Center
Jessica Wabler