New Novel Released by Dog Ear Publishing Explores One Man’s Vision for Saving the Government from Itself, Book by Lewis Shupe

Las Vegas, NV, July 09, 2010 --( Imagine the U.S. government has been controlled by socialist-leaning progressives for 12 years. The nation’s problems are mounting, and its economy is in a shambles, made worse by massive unemployment, almost unmanageable national debt and high inflation. Newly elected president Morton M. Monroe and his inner circle realize they must act quickly. Will the nation go along with their plans, or will it even be given a choice?

Presidential Diary, published by Dog Ear Publishing, tells Monroe’s story in his own words as the head of the Conservative Party, built by a coalition of the Libertarian Party, Republication conservatives and other concerned citizens, campaigning on a platform of radical change and return to international economic and political prominence. Among items on his wide-sweeping master plan are annexing Canada and a portion of Mexico to control the flow of illegal immigration, giving more voting power to those in society who contribute more, executing criminals who reach 150 points for federal crimes, and returning the nation to a limited form of central government so the nation will no longer be subjected to the devastation of socialist policies. These dramatic reforms and how the nation and media react provide insights into one possibility for our nation’s future.

After the November 2008 elections, author Lewis Shupe was compelled to ask himself how the country would be in 12 years if people continued to vote the way they did that November, and decided to detail his thoughts in this book, his first.

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Presidential Diary
Lewis Shupe
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 978-160844-542-4 288 pages $19.95 US

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