New Innovations in Biogas to Revamp the Renewable Fuels Market

Helsinki, Finland, July 10, 2010 --( Global Intelligence Alliance (GIA), a global strategic market intelligence and advisory group, releases a white paper, How to Profit from Biogas Market Developments, which predicts that biogas will be the next threat to fossil oil and gas businesses. Biogas is now a significant alternative to other renewable fuels and is the most sustainable of biofuels, being superior to ethanol and biodiesel.

Only a fraction of the biogas market has been tapped so far and the GIA White Paper includes findings from reports that predict the biogas plant installation business could grow to 25 billion EUR by 2020.

As biogas is increasingly viewed as a viable alternative source to both traditional and renewable forms of transportation fuel, GIA says that a company with the right expertise and timing can capture its share of the billions that will be invested in the infrastructure in the coming years.

The primary profiteers of biogas industry growth could include:

Anaerobic digester providers, especially the ones operating in Asia today
Biogas condensation and upgrade technology developers
Centralized and specialized plants producing, utlizing and distributing biogas.

The secondary profiteers could include:

Suppliers of power plants and process equipment
Maintenance, service and certification businesses
Companies specialized in environmental management
Chemical companies developing production yield and efficiency

Other trends to look out within the biogas industry are:

The US market is expected to provide innovative applications and new business models for biogas players
European companies and technologies will be the ones to watch over the next five years
Asia will be the main growth area, particularly as more sites for wastewater treatment facilities and landfills get installed

Overall, the white paper helps to answer some critical questions for biogas industry players:

What will be the key drivers for the growth of the biogas business - disposing waste, greenhouse gas reduction, energy production or transportation fuels?
Which parts of the biogas value chain will be leveraged into global businesses?
Which technologies will be utilized in different regions?
In which markets are new support incentives for biogas to be implemented in the coming years?

Executives from a wide range of industries, such as chemicals, oil and gas and equipment manufacturing (gas turbines, engines, fuel cells, digestion/fermentation tanks, biogas upgrade equipment), as well as businesses that produce biodegradable waste, such as the pulp and paper or the food and beverage industries, will find this white paper useful.

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