Don't Say It, "" with this New Mobile Group-chat Using Text Messaging is a new text messaging service which makes group communication fast, easy, and cheap. The service is free, works from any cell phone, and enables groups of people to share experiences while away from the computer and on the go.

Ottawa, Canada, December 12, 2006 --( is a new text messaging service which makes group mobile communication fast, easy, and cheap. The service is free and works from any cell phone. is targeting money conscious high school/university students and young professionals, who are often away from their computers. It lets you plan events, or share photos and experiences, all while on the go. is perfect for coordinating events, especially when plans change at the last minute. The service enables true group communication by allowing any group member to interact with all other members of the group at once. What better way to mobilize a group then with a solution designed specifically for group communication using cell phones?

Some experiences need to be shared and just can't wait; that first kiss, a fight with the 'rents, graduation, the embarrassing photo you just snapped of your friend doing the chicken dance with your fourth grade teacher!  Serious or entertaining, let's you instantly share the important moments with those that matter.

"I'm really excited about launching  It will make my life easier and save me time and money.  I'm confident everyone will agree." - Glen MacGillivray, Team Lead.

About will be available initially by invitation only in January 2007.

For more information or to request an invite, please visit:

Media Inquiries
For media inquiries, contact:
Glen MacGillivray
(613) 725-6268

Glen MacGillivray
(613) 725-6268