The Making of Reality - Top-Selling Book on Reality Creation Now Available in English

Bonn, Germany, July 10, 2010 --( With neither the backing of a major publishing house nor a big marketing budget, Jorg Starkmuth’s popular book on the creative power of consciousness has nonetheless enjoyed significant success in Germany, selling out ten editions. Originally published in 2005 as "Die Entstehung der Realität," this informative and empowering handbook to understanding how we all "construct" our world is now available in an English edition entitled "The Making of Reality."

-4.5 out of 5 on the Amazon scale

Riding a wave driven largely by word of mouth and the sheer enthusiasm of its readers, “Die Entstehung der Realität” has been a small miracle on the German-language market. On, where it received an average reader rating of 4.5 out of five stars, the book even made bestseller status, ranking on a par with N. D. Walsch’s “Conversations with God”. Building on this success, the first German paperback edition is due out later this year from Goldmann, a subsidiary of the Random House Group.

Precise yet readable, complete yet manageable

The new English edition is intended to be as “reader-friendly as possible for a scientific work and as scientific as possible for a page-turner”. The author’s particular style, his light-yet-serious touch, his concern for accuracy of language and thought, has all been perfectly caught in translation. “What people love is that the book is both comprehensive and comprehensible”, says Jörg Starkmuth. “There are so many works that only cover either the scientific aspects of reality creation or the esoteric ones, and those few that do both are either hard to read or full of oversimplifications. I put a lot of time into making this book precise yet understandable, complete yet manageable. My readers tell me it was time well spent.”

The world according to each of us

The first part of the book deals with the limits of the conventional world view, explaining the basics of modern physics – the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics, including the problems scientists and philosophers face when interpreting these findings, which almost inevitably leads to the inclusion of consciousness in the considerations. The second part covers the fields of parapsychology, spirituality and the experiences of ordinary people regarding the influence of consciousness upon that which we perceive as “objective” reality. This includes the “law of attraction”, which is also covered in many popular books and movies, such as “What The Bleep Do We Know?” or “The Secret” – both of which were published after Jörg Starkmuth’s book. The author develops a world view that ultimately interprets all that exists as a hierarchic matrix of pure consciousness.

Surviving our survival mechanisms

It is also pointed out why creating one’s reality of choice is not as easy as some other authors try to make their readers believe. This aspect leads to the third part of the book, which contains explanations of how our brain works, how it developed and how its innate or acquired survival programs often lead us into a reality that is quite the opposite of what we have wished for. It also provides advice on how to change these programs deliberately, paving the way to finally achieving the reality we want.

The English edition, with 62 explanatory illustrations by the author, can be ordered online directly from the publisher under

The Making of Reality – How Consciousness Creates the World
ISBN 978-3-9813592-0-6, Starkmuth Publishing, Germany, 2010
Hardcover, 324 pages

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