Shop Premium Promos Brings on Local Business Leader Ann Buschman to Guide Business Into Success with New e-Commerce Platform

Indianapolis, IN, July 10, 2010 --( Ann Buschmann takes the lead at one of Indiana’s more substantial promotional marketing firms Shop Premium Promos. The e-commerce based company is a multi-functional online platform which specializes in high end marketing tools as well as custom artwork- all delivered in rapid succession. With Buschmann taking over at her new leadership position for the Indiana based custom marketing firm, Shop Premium Promos, she plans to take over the Midwest’s spot as top retailer for all things promotional. Shop Premium Promos has worked hard to be a top notch organization, one founded on customer service and client needs, and with Buschmann’s newly revamped model the plan then becomes to take the lead throughout the rest of the country; all this while maintaining a small town atmosphere in their efforts to supply the smallest to largest of consumers.

The site, has gained a lengthy client list due to its ability to be a 24-7 viable resource offering a vast array of promotional products. Possibly it is the easy to use online catalog, the highly trained call center, or the turn key shipping methods that set the company apart from its competition, or it is the localized service model which ensures all questions are answered, but in any event Ann Buschman is resolute on one thing: with the company now a solely online entity there is no reason to ever loose an order or miss a sale. Buschman explains, “I love working in an online format. To now have the ability to manage a successful e-commerce business in the same fashion as I have done with other brick and mortar profiles I am sure that success is definite and satisfaction is eminent".

Shop Premium presents a multi-platform product list to its clients of: apparel, drink ware, key chains, writing instruments, post it notes, etc and maintains itself as the tool for delivering a vast array of promotional products to the general consumer at a warehouse price point. From the inception of the company, efforts have remained constant to cater towards those searching for great products at a great price without having to make bulk orders. With this in mind, Buschmann and her staff hope their newly launched site will harden their client’s purchase avenue via the company’s web portal. Becoming the primary tool for their clients and offering them the ability to review, design, and purchase their products at any time of day, any day of the week.

Shop Premium Promos
Ann Buschman