Carbon Monoxide Detectors Certified to ANSI/UL 2017 & 2075

Most CO detectors for parking garages are listed for electrical safety ANSI/UL 2017 or ANSI/UL 61010-1. INTEC Controls products are also performance tested and certified to ANSI/UL 2075 standards.

San Diego, CA, July 10, 2010 --( INTEC Controls’ carbon monoxide transmitters and controllers have been performance tested and certified by a NRTL (Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory) to meet ANSI/UL 2017 & 2075.

ANSI/UL 2017 is an electrical safety approval for gas detection signaling devices and systems in the commercial building industry. ANSI/UL 2075 performance is one step further. Products with this rating have undergone performance tests including physical endurances, cross sensitivity to other gases, validation for accuracy, provision of interference-free signals, and other stress assessments in extreme lab environments. INTEC Controls’ CO gas detection products are certified to ANSI/UL 2017 & 2075, resolving both safety and operational concerns.

Charles Gulotta P.E., Vice President of INTEC Controls, elaborates:
“There are many carbon monoxide gas detection products available, and installed, in public and private parking garages. How many of them are verified to perform the desired functions? Replacing or repairing units after an installation that do not meet expectations is an enormous burden on time and resources.”

For contractors and building owners, substandard performing and/or failed products could potentially add another 15-20% to overhead cost. An ANSI/UL 2017 & 2075 product is ahead of the curve. “This is the new standard for CO detection products in the commercial market. Building inspectors will be looking for and demanding detectors with this certification,” Mr. Gulotta added.

Attaining ANSI/UL 2075 certification requires more resources than most companies are willing to invest. INTEC is proud to be a leader in the industry by offering the first CO sensor on the commercial market with this certification. These sensors feature the latest electrochemical sensing technology. The modular design makes for easy field service. Choosing to install carbon monoxide sensors with the ANSI/UL 2075 is the best way to be assured of having a quality, reliable product.

For more information on INTEC’s carbon monoxide detection products, a free CD is available containing “CO Parking Garage Design Guidelines”, “Overview of Standards for CO Detection Products”, pre-written specifications and other useful literature.

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