Salmon Creek Public Relations Inc. to Open Boise Idaho Offices

Salmon Creek Public Relations Inc. is expanding operations to include offices in Boise, Idaho as of January 1, 2007, according to Founder and President Loran Hickton Salmon Creek is a proven boutique agency which provides creative strategy and execution of communications and marketing for businesses and community groups.

Portland, OR, December 12, 2006 --( Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington based Salmon Creek Public Relations Inc. is expanding operations to include offices in Boise, Idaho as of January 1, 2007, according to Founder and President Loran Hickton Salmon Creek is a proven boutique agency which provides creative strategy and execution of communications and marketing for businesses and community groups.

Currently based in Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington, Salmon Creek has provided public relations counsel on several issues with national and international ramifications including the Mad Cow case that occurred in 2003 in Washington State. Salmon Creek provided successful reactive public relations counsel to the meat packing plant that received USDA inspected and approved beef that was tainted with Mad Cow.

Salmon Creek has also provided proven services and counsel for animal and pet health related issues. The firm has supported and launched multiple animal-health related products and services, consumer goods, entertainment, human medical services and products, sports marketing programs, technology and also non-profits.

The representation of entertainment and sports is also an area of keen focus, and Salmon Creek has represented individual performers, PBS television programming, as well as launching a major motion picture.

In the non-profit arena, Salmon Creek has excelled in providing pro-active services and counsel to Olympic Gold Medalist and traumatic brain injury survivor Bill Johnson, who won the first men’s downhill Olympic Gold Medal in 1984.

Salmon Creek also has a long history in animal and pet related work including Banfield, The Pet Hospital, Guide Dogs for the Blind, and the Humane Society for Southwest Washington.

Additionally, Salmon Creek has supported multiple non-profit groups and businesses in the use of RFID technology as a means for pro-active identification to support a safe and wholesome food supply, as well as helping promote the security of pets and other animals. Salmon Creek is currently leading public relations and development to build a baseball field in the Portland area for individuals with disabilities.

Hickton, the founder and president of Salmon Creek, found a non-traditional path to his profession, coming up through the ranks of the hospitality industry, recruited to head up a private corporate estate, and then promoted to corporate event planning for a Fortune 50 Company. Hickton was recruited in 1999 to lead the re-branding of a major health related company and resigned that position in 2003 to launch Salmon Creek.

The following is a list of past and current Salmon Creek Public Relations clients:
2005 Motion Picture - AFTER, Agri Beef Company, Advanced Legal Research, LLC, Advanced ID Corporation, Avid ID Systems Inc, Banfield, The Pet Hospital, Bill Johnson - Olympic gold medalist and traumatic brain injury survivor, Columbia River Miracle League Serving Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington, The Creative Life, PBS Television Program, General Fire & Casualty, Guide Dogs for the Blind, Heska Corp., Farm Matters – PBS Television Program, Humane Society for Southwest Washington, Interstate Distributors, Largo Vista Entertainment, Lile Entertainment Group, National Barrel Racers, Northwest Development Corporation, Oncura Partners, LLC, Pets Best Insurance, Pacific Coast Accounting, Pacific Seafood, T's Grocery & Beverage Barn, Young’s Columbia Distributing, Zevez Rewards

What is being said about Salmon Creek Public Relations:

“Salmon Creek Public Relations brings a wealth of experience in brand-building within the pet industry over a wide range of products and services to augment our efforts with our Pets Best pet insurance brand. The creative concepts provided by Salmon Creek and the energy and passion of their execution is second to none!”
Dr. Jack Stephens, Founder & President, Pets Best Insurance Services, LLC

“When we needed Salmon Creek to help us communicate a complex issue regarding Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy / BSE – Mad Cow to the media and the general public, they were tireless and effective at communicating factual information while protecting our company and our good brand.”
Darrin Hoy, General Manager, Interstate Meat Dist., Inc.

“Simply put, Loran Hickton is among the most talented, tenacious and creative people I know.”
Scott Campbell, DVM, Chairman & CEO, Banfield, The Pet Hospital

“As part of the launch effort of a new computer, we wanted to find a small effective public relations firm to help set our strategy and communicate our launch. Salmon Creek provided great ideas and creative concepts to maximize our investment in the expansion of our business.”
Jon Schoenborn, General Manager, Cool Tech PC.

“We have worked with Salmon Creek Public Relations in the past while launching our first television program. Salmon Creek is a very creative and effective firm that understands our needs and provides a tenacious level of commitment. In our group--and certainly in the entertainment industry--you need highly focused and committed people. We are very pleased to have Salmon Creek Public Relations as part of the LEG team.”
Stephen Lile, CEO, Lile Entertainment Group

“We needed a community-minded agency with experience developing the best possible communications strategy and also a good understanding of corporate partnerships and sponsorships of non-profit organizations. Salmon Creek Public Relations has spent many years in corporate and sports-related marketing as well as event planning. Salmon Creek Public Relations has also represented many other community and non-profit groups, and they really understood the needs of the Miracle League of Southwest Washington."
Art Liss, President, Miracle League of Southwest Washington

“Salmon Creek is a fresh and exciting firm that provides world-class creative concepts.”
Kurt Wilson, President & CEO, Largo Vista International Entertainment Inc.

“All non-profit community providers are continuously looking for new methods to increase value and understanding of their goals. As Guide Dogs for the Blind expanded efforts in cause-related marketing, we went to Salmon Creek. They are creative, industrious and cost-effective.”
Steven Strand, Executive Director, Boring Oregon Campus

“After developing our technology for chemotherapy for pets, we consulted with Salmon Creek to reach consumer and industry members. We found Salmon Creek to be very well informed about the dynamics of the veterinary profession, and aggressive and effective in the placement of our business story.”
Brian Huber, DVM, President & CEO

Salmon Creek Public Relations Inc.
Loran Hickton