K-12 Digital Menu Boards, Temperature Monitoring and HACCP Hand Held PDA for School Food Services

Green Edge Systems Presents the K-12 Epicure Digital Menu Board System, FreshLoc temperature monitoring system and HACCP PDA inspection at the ANC-2010 School Nutrition Association SNA Conference and Exhibition, Dallas, July 12-14, 2010 , Booth #1449

Woodland Hills, CA, July 11, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Woodland Hills, CA. , Green Edge Systems, Inc., leader in Technology Solutions for School Food Services presents the K-12 Epicure Digital Menu Board System with Nutirtional labeling, Freshloc Temperature Monitoring Systems and Par tech’s Sure Check (iQuality) HACCP PDA Inspection System for school food services at the ANC-2010 School Nutrition Association SNA Conference and Exhibition, Dallas Convention Center, Dallas, July 12-14, 2010, Booth #1449.

Green Edge Systems will have a live demonstration of the K-12 Epicure Digital Menu Board System with Nutritional labeling, Freshloc temperature monitoring system and the Sure Check HACCP PDA Inspection system at the show.

About the Epicure K-12 Digital Menu Board System with Nutritional Labeling:

Nutritional menu labeling by Epicure Digital informs students to make healthier meal choices by displaying nutritional data and icons next to menu items and providing nutritional recommendations and guidelines on multimedia digital menu boards designed for K-12 students.

Epicure Digital Systems is a digital menu board company uniquely integrating its expertise in software technology, restaurant operations and food service marketing to create digital signage solutions for the food service industry. Its core product is the Epicure Digital Menu System. Its core services are menu engineering and content creation.

Epicure Digital menu boards can also be presented online in a school's website, allowing parents to view in real time the food choices and advice that their kids get when making their daily food selection, and involve them in the educational and selection process.

Epicure Digital Systems designs customized digital menu boards that solve complex menu engineering and point-of-sale marketing issues. By creatively combining information, motion, imagery and food photography, they produce visually compelling multimedia menus and promotions to help sell menu items and enhance the dining experience. They call this experience: The Cure for the Menu Bored.

Epicure Digital clients include educational institutions, hospitals, independent and chain restaurants, contract food service companies, business & industry, and cinemas and casinos among others.

The company's website (http://www.epicuredigital.com) has an extensive portfolio of its client's menu board installations.

Highlights of the FreshLoc Temperature Monitoring System:

* Web based temperature monitoring system available from everywhere; from within the school district, from home and from the road. The data is monitored from a 24/7, high security monitoring center with full back-up every few hours, geographically dispersed. The system is available 24/7 from any location; in the convenience of the home, work, and while on vacation and on the road.

* All the important data is constantly automatically updated and presented on the dashboard, and in particular, any active alert and information that needs immediate attention is displayed and can be review in detail through a single click. This data is available 24/7 from any location, in the convenience of the home, work, and while on vacation and on the road.

* Unlike most systems in the market, requiring a user to go to a computer at the campus in order to review problems, acknowledge alerts and stop escalating alerts, FreshLoc's system is available 24/7 from any Internet connection with no need to have a PC at the monitored kitchen.

* The sensors read temperatures every 2 minutes, so if the delay time before generating alerts when temperatures get out of range is set to 40 minutes, alerts are generated only after more than 20 consecutive out of range temperature readings rather than after just two or three consecutive out of range temperature readings done by most systems in the market that read temperatures every 15 minutes - avoiding false alerts that are common with these systems.

* With FreshLoc, sensors serve as back-up devices and log temperature data for at least 83 hours, thus ensuring that no temperature measurement is lost. The system continues logging temperatures when the network is down or on power outages.

About the Sure Check hand held PDA Inspection System:

PAR Tech's Sure Check HACCP PDA Inspection Systems is designed to take the effort and risk out of food quality monitoring.

Food borne illness puts students and school food services at risk.

Sure Check is a powerful Web-based tool for managing HACCP and inspection programs for large food services. Combining the best technology in PDAs (handheld computers), temperature data acquisition, and Web-based software, Sure Check™ automates the monitoring of quality risk factors while dramatically lowering the potential for human error.

Critical information is centralized through web-based reporting, audit trails, and checklist-management tools. Corrective actions are provided when unsafe conditions are detected.

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Green Edge Systems, Inc., is a trusted leader of technology solutions for K-12 School food services that include the K-12 Epicure Digital Menu Boards, the FreshLoc HACCP temperature monitoring solutions and the PAR Tech iQuality Sure Check hand-held PDA Inspection Systems.
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