Parker, TX Author Lee Frey Releases a New Ebook -- Velocity^2

Parker resident Lee Frey has released a new scientific thriller, Velocity^2 that Publishers Weekly hails as "...A fast-paced and scientifically explicit thrill...intriguing and original...".

Parker, TX, July 12, 2010 --( Ken Dahlin, a telecom engineer with an irrepressible mad-scientist alter ego “Crazy Ken,” has developed a free energy device that harnesses the Earth’s gravitational force. Only one problem--it’s also a bomb.

The only hope for protecting his discovery is to demonstrate its destructive power to the one person with the power to protect it--President Anderson. The detonation a thirty kiloton nuclear blast in a remote section of Montana quickly begins the most secretive program ever undertaken. Through a series of terrorist attacks, brownouts and blackouts, President Anderson forces the government into socializing the electric production industry. But what the people don’t know is that the electric plants are being replaced by Ken’s free energy device.

Yet despite the secrecy, security and precautions, someone has stolen a device and is threatening to destroy the world. Ken, who has been in hiding since handing over the invention, is pulled back in to help. Dismissive of the claims at first, Ken soon realizes that size does not matter as much as location. With the clock ticking and with thousands of square miles to search, Ken has to find the hypothetical needle in a haystack--or in this case, a ping-pong sized bomb in a national park larger than some states.

The 394-page eBook is available at (Kindle version) and (all other eBook formats). To celebrate the release, the discount code “CM58E” can be used during checkout for a 40% discount from July 1st until July 31st at

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