Electric Vehicle Technical Institute Inc. Announces a New Program Limited to 20 Participants Including Training and a Franchise "EV Conversion School"

This is an opportunity for Only Twenty Individuals to enter a New, Green, "Emerging Technology" Franchised Business. Cash in on the Fastest Growing Sector of the Auto Business of Today and the Future, with Discounted Training and a Franchise License for a very Profitable Business.

Lakeland, FL, July 14, 2010 --(PR.com)-- There are 220 Million automobiles in the USA. And, there are three million Auto Mechanics servicing and repairing those automobiles. Almost a dozen Major Auto Manufacturers are building Electric or Plug-In Automobiles, beginning this year and continuing next year, they have said that they will produce 100 Thousand Electric Autos.

In the next 10 years, they will produce 100 Million but the other 120 Million used cars will be still on the road. There is a "Market" in converting a large percentage of those 120 Million to “Pollution Free” Electric and training at least 1/2 of the Mechanics (1.5 Million) to service both the Converted and factory built electric automobiles, of that 10 year distant Future.

To be successful and gain the most knowledge from the training, a prospective Franchisee must have some knowledge of auto mechanics and skills. They must be able to demonstrate minimal “Do-It-Yourself” auto repairs, such as Brake Repairs, Starter, Alternator and Battery Replacement, and knowledge of the names and operation of all the parts and systems used in automobiles. (It has been demonstrated that a lack of familiarity will adversely affect credibility.)

For the very reasonable sum of $10,000 a Franchisee will create a Career and Business that profits well. After starting-up the Franchised business, Trainees (or Students) pay the Franchise to be allowed to perform all the labor in converting used vehicles to Electric and follow a "Guided Study Curriculum " which teaches Trainees "High Voltage Safety, Knowledge of the Technology, and Entrepreneurship." But, requires only a little extra instructional work.

The fee is a combination of, the Technical Institute Tuition, (A class each will take.) And a Franchise license fee, to operate a small shop/school, utilizing the provided successful curriculum, organization, and business plan.

A designee will be required to take the class at the “Original” E. V. Technical Institute. That takes 160 hours, or about one month. The class will provide instruction in this business operation and “proven small business practices," Technical information needed, and the other skills and knowledge they will me teaching. If the prospect prefers, a Partner can take the class also, (At a Discounted fee) working together as a team thru the training. The Franchise contract will include recommended (But not Mandatory) sources of materials, the Required (Mandatory) Curriculum, and Designation of Location to guarantee Geographic (Min 100 mile Radius) non-competition.

(The "Statistics" quoted are from the US D.O.T.)

Electric Vehicle Technical Institute Inc.
Dennis Miles