Foxy Fido Brings Doggie Fashion to Southern California

Dog clothing and accessory lines continue to grow in popularity. While critics remain, more and more dog-owners are beginning to dress their pampered pooches for both the weather, along with just the sheer fun of it. With New York City's Pet Fashion Week now in its 6th year, it appears that this is a trend that is here to stay.

Redondo Beach, CA, July 15, 2010 --( Dog fashion and accessory lines are a growing trend with discriminating dog owners. While critics remain, more and more pet-owners are beginning to dress their pooches for the weather along with just the sheer fashion opportunity of it. Just in time for the 6th annual Pet Fashion Week in New York City, Foxy Fido announces the Thursday, July 15th launch of a new online boutique specializing in fashion finds for the teacup to small-sized dog. To celebrate its grand opening, the Redondo Beach based company is offering free shipping to first time purchasers using coupon code GOFREESHIP.

Why dress your little dog? “It’s a growing trend amongst conscientious dog-owners who are looking for good function, a bit of fashion, and some fun,” says Foxy Fido owner, Faye Nagy. “Smaller dogs are more susceptible to changes in weather, so owners have begun looking for sweaters and coats for cooler days, cotton tanks or hats to prevent sunburn on hot days, and of course raincoats to keep their pets dry on rainy days. With the growing demand in pet clothing, strong styles and trends have begun to emerge – as seen by top designer lines coming down the “dog”walk during New York City’s annual Pet Fashion Week. No longer just indoor companions, our dogs have become much more integrated into our day to day lives, joining us for outdoor activities, meals, and events. So it’s only natural that we want them to look and feel their best.”

While there remains some debate as to whether dogs are happy or comfortable being dressed in clothing, Nagy indicates that it depends on the designer, the material, and the piece itself, “We only stock pieces that have been designed with the dog’s comfort in mind. In addition, it is critical that owners buy appropriate fitting pieces for their pets; items that are too large or too small will lead to canine discomfort and defeat the purpose of a functional garment altogether.”

It’s true that dog clothing and accessory lines continue to grow in popularity; according to the May 2010 edition of Los Angeles magazine, almost 40% of Los Angelenos now own clothes for their pets. Given the local celebrity culture and mild climate of Southern California, one can only presume that fashion is the primary objective (perhaps with function weighing in during the heat of summer or the rare sprinkle of rain). Along with fashion lines, dog-friendly restaurants, events, bakeries, and even doggie massage parlors are opening and quickly gaining a large following all over the Southland. It appears that this is a trend that is going to continue to grow as the small dog as pet becomes even more popular amongst the young and hip crowd, the 30 and 40-somethings without children, and the baby boomer empty-nesters.

Foxy Fido strives to be the leader in fashion, function, and fun for your pampered pooch. Visit their online boutique and take advantage of the Grand Opening free shipping offer at

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