UltraTek Automatic Pill Reminder(APR) Cures Common “Medication Forgetfulness”

Torrance, CA, July 14, 2010 --(PR.com)-- UltraTek, a technology research and product development company, is pleased to announce that their new Automatic Pill Reminder (APR) is available for administration of medicine to patients (or pets).

“Unlike conventional pill reminder products,” said Douglas Walker, VP of Marketing & Sales for UltraTek, “our patented APR is automatic, providing the cure for common medication forgetfulness!”

APR has many advantages over traditional devices. APR is built inside the conventional pill bottle/vial’s cap. The only thing the users/patients have to do is “close the cap” to activate the timer. Timer intervals, such as every 4, 8, 12 or 24 hours for medications, are pre-programmed at the factory; therefore, programming is Not necessary and users won’t make mistakes.

An audible alert/beeping will sound when it is time for a pill. In additional to the sound, a red LED light will shine to indicates that it is time for a pill.

APR is easy to use, very affordable and extremely reliable; thanks to the simplicity of the design. Currently, APR is available for the most common OI/Rexam (screw-loc 13/16 dram), Apothecary Esydose, Berry/KERR PPV, F&S vials and the common screw cap 38/400 caps. More vials will be supported later.

UltraTek is looking for partners in marketing the APR products. For samples, ordering APR details or more information, please contact Alex Levy at (310) 408-9711 or e-mail autopill@gmail.com . www.autopill.info

Joe Lai