Unistal Launches New Version of Protegent Enterprise Security-Complete Data Leakage Prevention Solution

New Delhi, India, July 14, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Unistal Systems Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi, a renowned name in the field of Data Security products have launched today an advanced solution to remotely manage the data security of the closed knitted network efficiently thru a simple tool called Protegent Enterprise Security.

Protegent Enterprise Security comprises of two components Data Leakage Prevention and enhanced version of Activity Reporter.

Data Leakage Prevention tool for preventing data theft from any computer present in the network. After installation of Protegent Enterprise Security on management server, policies for Data Leakage Prevention (DLP) can be created depending on the requirements of the network. Once the settings are defined software can be installed remotely on selective or on all the clients. If required client can be provided with admin rights for his/her own PC or else user would not be able to even view DLP settings. If any unauthorized access of the port wherein for eg; if the designated pen drive for that computer is not used then an alert/report is sent to the Administrator who can initiate action accordingly.

Important features of Data Leakage Prevention:-
- Proactive protection against data theft.
- Settings-based centralized management
- Sets restrictions against all communication ports by blocking and unblocking them.
- Prevents unauthorized access of critical data
- Unique feature of Whitelisting authorized USB device on specific system(s).
- Real Time & Offline Monitoring
- Runs in hidden mode
- CD/DVD, IEEE 1394, Printer, Network Adaptor, Infrared, Flash Drive Locking
- Special feature of Print Screen Locking
- Block ports when PC is idle.
- Block ports in scheduled duration.
- Block ports in multiple schedule duration.
- Block ports to prevent unauthorized access
- Open single or multiple ports with authorized password when Idle or Scheduled locked.
- Define different policies for different users
- Alert Notification to administrator as soon as any unauthorized action is performed at client system
- Reporting system activities through e-mail or by FTP.
- Scheduling reporting system activities through mail by user.
- User can send Incremental or Complete Report as selected.

Activity Reporter would be a very important tool for companies to monitor the activities of all computer users. This would act as an ideal spy without the knowledge of the user that their every key stroke/ every activity on the computer or internet is being monitored and screen shot / report is generated on a regular basis. This would definitely act as a foil for anyone to do any fraudulent activities in the organization.

Enhanced features of Activity Reporter :-
- Captures Application activity.
- With the help of application monitor time log can be maintained for specific applications.
- Unique feature of Blacklist and white list
- Blacklist: applications that are added will get captured and be visible in alert
- White list: Won’t record any activity of the application added in this list.
- Captures clipboard contents.
- Captures Internet activity.
- Logs websites visited.
- Captures all keystrokes, in case sensitivity.
- Option of showing system/non-printable keys is also available.
- Take screenshots within the specified time interval or on every mouse click.
- Option of capturing the desktop and capturing the foreground of the window.
- Logging of working hours and idle time.
- Option to select the level of tracking.
- Send the reports to the specified email .(in the stealth mode)
- Uploads all logs into the separate folders by FTP (in the stealth mode)
- Sending of report logs in a specific time interval.
- Password protected so only authorized personnel can access the reports.
- Has an intuitive interface and very easy to use, even for beginners.
- Runs in Absolutely invisible mode.
- Remote Installation/Update/Uninstall.
- Captures ICQ, Miranda, Skype, Google Talk, MSN, AIM, AOL, Yahoo, QIP chats.
- Detection and notification of the custom keywords (alerts).
- Records contents of password protected web pages, including Web Mail messages.
- Monitors Windows Clipboard.
- Monitors computer activity only when user goes online (optional).
- Invisible in the Windows startup list.
- Monitors all users of the PC, even if you don't know their passwords.
- Intercepts DOS-box and Java-chat keystrokes.
- Instant install from a memory card or a flash drive.
- Reports of Application activity, Clipboard activity, working log, Internet activity, Keystrokes, Screenshots all in HTML format.

“Protegent Enterprise Security is an advanced Software utility for monitoring and prevention of Data theft from premises of an organization with an increased vigil on employees. This has been designed and developed in consultation with 30 top leading companies CIO’s.” said Alok Gupta – MD, Unistal Systems Pvt. Ltd.

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