GJ Comics Proudly Introduces the New Christian Comic Book "Super Manface the Cat"

Phoenix, AZ, July 14, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Christian Novelist: Author Publishes a Christian Comic Aimed at Stopping Bullying

Elementary School teacher, Goldie Jennings, has listened to her student’s demands by writing a comic book and publishing it on Lulu.com, the online marketplace.

Mrs. Jennings watched her 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students crave and devour her comic characters and stories. Being a teacher, Mrs. Jennings sees the problems that her student’s face first hand. Being a Christian, Mrs. Jennings also knows that the answer to every problem is found in God and God’s Word. Viola! Super Manface was born. Super Manface is a superhero cat who gets his powers from God, and God’s Word.

One student said, “Mrs. Jennings writes funny stories for class and homework. It is fun to be in her class.” Published author Julia Colman states, “You have a gift for reaching these children.” Her students recently scored 90% meets and exceeds on their standardized reading test.

“The Good Canine and the Pickle” is a creative spin on “the Good Samaritan” from The Bible. Students learn about love, compassion, and empathy which in turn help them to stop bullying. The students themselves become the superheroes when they befriend a victim in the story.

Mrs. Jennings states, “I hope that children in your life feel God’s love when they read this story. I know that God has solutions to every problem that children face. I pray that children become inspired and empowered to solve problems in their lives and their school. Who knows what super power your child will gain from God and God’s Word?”

Goldie Jennings is a teacher in Glendale, AZ. She lives with her husband, Andrew, and her three cats: Tad, Sheepy, and Princess. Her books can be found at http://www.supermanface.com or http://stores.lulu.com/garfy. She can be contacted at garfy@cox.net

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