Unique Kitchen Design Firm EcoModernisn Bridges Gap for Ikea Lovers

If the closest Ikea store is a long drive away, it doesn’t mean an Ikea kitchen is out of reach. Raleigh NC based firm EcoModernism designs & installs Ikea kitchens for people who live as far as 12 hours from an Ikea.

Raleigh, NC, July 13, 2010 --(PR.com)-- "There are a lot of steps and parts to putting in a Ready-To-Assemble (RTA) kitchen," says Becky Shankle. She is the founder & CVO (Chief Visionary Officer) of EcoModernism. "Long distance purchasing just adds another layer of possible complication to the process."

On the front end, EcoModernism designs the kitchen to the client’s specifications. They review it live with the client via Skype. They then compile, double check, & assist with placing the actual order.

"If we do our job right, all the components for that specific design are correctly listed in the final order," says Shankle. "We’ve seen people who did not use our design services go back to the store as many as 5 times to straighten out errors & omissions." That’s a lot of time & money down the drain. And that’s for people living a mere 2 hours & 20 minutes from a store.

EcoModernism will travel to the site to assemble & install the kitchens they've designed. Prior to installation, they help the client coordinate all preparation work locally. That includes helping find reputable local contractors to handle demolition, sheetrock repair and preliminary plumbing and electrical work. "Preparation is key to a smooth installation with as few hiccups as possible," Shankle says. "Especially when Ikea isn’t 30 minutes down the road."

Each Ikea store has planners who help people design & order their kitchen. If the client knows what they want, they can order it online. The latter invites more opportunity for error. The former can be extremely time consuming, not just getting to the store, but also how much time is spent there.

Once a client leaves Ikea, questions always bubble up, and phone support is difficult at best. Even if the client gets through to the store, they still may not be able to talk to the same planner they worked with who knows their project. In contrast, EcoModernism's support services are readily accessible for the duration of the project.

Recently a family from Kansas contracted EcoModernism to design their Ikea kitchen & prepare them for placing their order. They then made their trip to Chicago, which was the closest Ikea location. They are currently in installation phase.

What’s it cost to hire EcoModernism? Design & order assistance averages about $650 - $900. Assembly & installation is roughly equal to whatever is spent at Ikea for the kitchen. "Some clients are more DIY than others," Shankle says, "so for those, we don’t get involved in the assembly/installation phase. Others don’t want to touch it or don’t have time. We’re happy to help both." EcoModernism’s average installation is about 3 weeks, & have completed several dozen projects.

EcoModernism has clients in London Ontario, Charleston SC, Alexandria VA, and outside of Kansas City.

Becky Shankle