SDKtoday iPhone App Teaches You to Develop Your Own Apps

Kengin Consulting Inc. released SDKtoday 1.1 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch users. SDKtoday is an app that teaches people how to make apps.

Toronto, Canada, July 14, 2010 --( Announcing that Kengin Consulting Inc., a mobile development consulting firm, has launched a new application for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch users. Its developed for people wanting to build their own apps, acquire new skills, or just have some fun.

Kengin CEO, Jacob Kennedy, was prompted to develop SDKtoday as a result of the experiences he encountered while developing his iPhone apps. “When I was first learning how to make iPhone apps, I had to aggregate solutions from a variety of sources. There was no single place I could refer to that would provide me with everything that I was looking for. To get what I needed, I had to either buy a book or download an app… either way, I paid in full but needed only a fraction of the content. That’s why I like our app, and our approach. You can download it, demo the tutorial options, and decide what fits your needs. This way, you only end up buying what you need while being provided with a sweeter and swifter path to app development success.”

Dennis Volovic of dedovo Inc., collaborated with Kengin as SDKtoday went from design to reality. “We always wondered why something like this was never done before. As we began to work on our app, it became clear why! Conveying the depth and breadth of the tutorials in a way that is intuitive and scalable is not so straightforward. My excitement really piqued, and I knew we were on to something when the S2C2 methodology came together; Start It, Stub It, Connect It, and Complete It. It’s that easy! This approach is so incredible, that we immediately began using it for all our own personal app development!”

Kennedy & Volovic both agree that the “piece de resistance” of the SDKtoday app, is the S2C2 learning methodology they created. The methodology is essential in streamlining the iPhone development process and provides a consistent learning experience throughout all tutorials.

SDKtoday App Features:
-- The app gives you Three tutorials for Free. Tutorials 101 through 109 make up the "introductory series" of the SDKtoday tutorials. Once mastered, you will be in a position to apply this knowledge to build your own apps. The tutorials are packed with clear and practical info. They are architected around core development topics and techniques that illuminate individually and collectively.
-- In the Tutorial Detail view you can Demo the App, learn to Build It, or Download the Code.
-- In the Build Detail view, you have the freedom to read through the materials or watch videos bringing the app to life utilizing the S2C2 methodology.
-- Tutorials 104-109 are already available for purchase in the Store section of SDKtoday, with more to come.
-- Every tutorial gives you the opportunity to learn by way of watching videos or reading, and each works towards development of an actual app.
-- Status Indicator: Toggle the status button to keep track of your progress. There are three tutorial states; Not Started, In Progress, and Complete.

- Reference Section: Provides an extensive reference section offering tips and other Xcode related literature. You can review the Core Data Object nomenclature, brush up on your Xcode Keyboard Shortcuts, learn a few Debugging Tips, and much more.

- Store: In addition to the free Tutorial offerings, there is a store full of additional tutorials. You can buy these tutorials and expand your SDK knowledge even further, right in the app. You can go through the tutorials in order, or in the classic “choose your own adventure” fashion.

More information about SDKtoday is available at or search for “sdktoday” in iTunes.

About Kengin Consulting Inc.
Based in Toronto, Ontario Canada, Kengin Consulting Inc. provides mobile consulting services, plus iPhone app development and design. The company has been involved in enterprise software development for over ten years and has been doing iPhone development for the last year and a half.

About dedovo Inc.
Based in Toronto, Ontario Canada, dedovo Inc. provides consulting services for CRM implementations, enterprise software and iPhone app development.

Device Requirements & Size
Device Requirements: * 3G iPhone and iPod touch
* Requires iPhone OS 3.1 or later
Size: 6.5 MB

Pricing and Availability
SDKtoday is available worldwide exclusively through the iTunes App Store in the “Education” category.

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