New Release by Ashley Goldsworthy Brings Lessons from the Animal Kingdom Into the World of Business, Education and Nonprofit Organizations; Released by Dog Ear Publishing

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, July 15, 2010 --( Although leadership can’t be taught, one can be taught about leadership, and this fascinating book explores the concept of an unlikely teacher: animals. As the author notes, human leadership is about getting people to do what you want them to do, even if they might want to do otherwise, by encouraging, motivating and convincing them. Animals are remarkably adept at achieving this amongst their own kind. They show clearly that leadership is a process about those who lead and those who are led.

Effective Leadership: Learn from the Animals, published by Dog Ear Publishing, details examples of animals providing lessons in leadership, such as showing collaboration, understanding and sensitivity. Geese, ants, elephants, wolves, apes and eagles all offer examples of how to lead.

A chimpanzee at a Swedish zoo has proven that apes are as capable of forward planning as humans. Zoo minders uncovered hundreds of stone caches being used by the chimp to hoard ammunition to hurl at visitors. His war against the visiting public began in the 1990s, when he got into the habit of collecting stones from the moat surrounding his artificial island. He would stack these up in the morning and then wait for visiting time, when the bombardment would begin. The chimp was not capable of only this unusual example of forward planning, however; he also managed to break lumps of concrete into manageable sized missiles by checking for their weak points. This would seem to indicate that his behaviour shows convincingly that our fellow apes consider the future in a very complex way.

If you think this analogy of humans learning from the animals is stretching things a bit, you might reflect on the fact that Australian researchers have studied the navigation skills of insects to develop a pioneering weapons guidance system. The insect-inspired tracking technology was launched in March 2009 at an air show in the southern state of Victoria, Australia.

In writing this book, author Ashley Goldsworthy draws on his perspective from a career lasting more than 55 years, as CEO of Australia’s largest construction company and other organizations, as well as dean of the business school at Australia’s first private university, director of one of the country’s largest casinos and director of performing arts companies. He holds degrees in accounting, business, public administration, science and theology.

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Effective Leadership: Learn from the Animals
Ashley Goldsworthy
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 978-160844-365-9 120 pages $20.00 US

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