Discover DuraLabel Printers with New Anatomy of a Label Printer Guide

The new Anatomy of a Label Printer guide from Graphic Products explores all the parts and functions of thermal transfer label printers, including the DuraLabel PRO 300.

Beaverton, OR, July 15, 2010 --( Anatomy of a Label Printer, a new labeling guide from Graphic Products, dissects key components and functions of a DuraLabel industrial label printer and discusses the benefits of thermal transfer printing.

“Thermal transfer label printers are not the same as the econo-printers you find in most office supply stores, nor are they sticker machines for hobbyists,” said Alex Gabriel, DuraLabel marketing representative at Graphic Products, a leading provider of industrial label printers and labeling supplies for the safe workplace. “These printers produce labels that withstand harsh industrial environments for years across many applications and are used to facilitate workplace safety and efficiency through compliant labeling.”

Beginning with an introduction to label printers and different printing technologies, Anatomy of a Label Printer quickly clarifies what makes industrial-strength “custom label printers” unique from other personal or commercial printers by describing how they operate and the applications for which they are used.

The thermal transfer process, described in the guide as using “heat from a thermal print head to transfer resin ink from a ribbon onto a label supply to produce a permanent print,” is presented as the optimal method for industrial labeling. The thermal transfer process is quick, and resin ink dries instantly, making thermal transfer printers highly efficient.

Thermal transfer printers print on thicker grades of supply like vinyl, polyester, nylon and polypropylene for lasting industrial application. They are commonly used in industrial facilities to produce OSHA safety signs, pipe markers, NFPA Right-To-Know labels, arc flash labels, equipment identification labels, wayfinding labels and other industrial markers.

DuraLabel brand label printers, particularly the DuraLabel PRO 300 Industrial Label Printer, are used as a prototype in describing the anatomy of thermal transfer label printers because of their reputation for efficiency in operation and quality in label production. DuraLabel printers also help to more easily define to the reader differences between light-duty labeling, medium-duty labeling and heavy-duty labeling for industrial settings.

Although the components and construction of thermal transfer printers vary between manufacturers, most printers share several common components, including the following:

- Thermal Print Head
- Platen Roller
- Automatic Cutter
- Gap Sensor/Black Mark Sensor

“The Anatomy of a Label Printer guide is a useful resource for all types of organizations that need quality labeling,” said Gabriel. “When people discover the inner and outer components and features of a thermal transfer labeler, they quickly realize the benefits such a label printer like the DuraLabel PRO 300 provides and just how impressive the printing process really is.”

Anatomy of a Label Printer is available, free of charge, from Graphic Products. It may be requested by visiting or by calling Graphic Products at 1-888-326-9244.

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