MUFON’s Clifford Clift Joins The Kate Valentine Show

With the Upcoming 41st International UFO Symposium, The Kate Valentine UFO Show Was Honored to Have Mr. Clifford Clift, International Director of The Mutual UFO Network, as Their Guest, Live Friday July 9, 2010.

Teaneck, NJ, July 15, 2010 --( The recently appointed International Director of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), Mr. Clifford Clift, appeared on The Kate Valentine UFO Show Friday, July 9, 2010 on WVNJ and is now on podcast.

Mr. Clifford Clift has been a member of MUFON since 1995 and a member of the MUFON International Board of Directors since 2000. Mr. Clift is a MUFON trained and certified field investigator and has been involved with all aspects of symposiums since 2004. Mr. Clift lead a team in the creation of symposium guidelines for all states to use. Mr. Clift also developed the "Life Time" membership program for MUFON and has assisted the MUFON Board in the development of a strategic business plan. As a trainer of Field Investigators in Northern Colorado, he also started the Northern Colorado MUFON Chapter, which currently hosts 25 members.

In his interview with Kate, Mr. Clift explained when his interest in UFO’s began, at age 14. Mr. Clift answered questions from the listeners on; the MUFON field investigator course, UFOS over Washington, DC, the Russian Governor’s abduction, and government disclosure. “Sufficient data is the heart of all investigations and the KV UFO Show congratulates MUFON on it's systems of data collection as a path to solving the UFO mystery” -Kate Valentine.

On Friday’s show Mr. Clift briefed the audience on the upcoming July 2010 symposium. Clifford is this year's 2010 MUFON Symposium Coordinator. The 2010 “Cutting Edge of UFO Investigations” international symposium runs July 22 thru July 25th in Denver, Colorado.

The key speakers at the “Cutting Edge of UFO Investigations” include; Stanton Friedman on Stephen Hawking, SETI and Science, Richard Dolan A.D. (After Disclosure): Outlining the contours of our society After the great change, Donald Schmitt Roswell on trial. Witnesses speak out, Kathleen Marden the conundrum of alien abduction, Kevin Randle crash retrieval history, Nick Redfern Mysterious Landscape: A personal investigation of the crop circle phenomenon, Michael Schratt Bombshell UFO case files revealed, Marc D' Antonio Drawn In Stone: Cosmic hints of the petroglyphs, George Filer personnel UFO encounters while in the Air Force, and John Greenewald UFOs - "101"

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