BrightCom Integrated Telepresence Dives Deeper for Underwater Research and Communication from the Seas

BrightCom launches an undersea exploration and research vessel with integrated telepresence providing the ultimate in immersive collaboration on the open seas and enhancing underwater research and education.

Huntington Beach, CA, July 15, 2010 --( BrightCom, the performance leader in integrated telepresence and video conferencing solutions, announced today their newest endeavor in fully immersive integrated telepresence environments with the launch of the CRV Nereid Explorer, a telepresence exploration and research vessel for underwater research and education and everyday communication.

In conjunction with McCandless Oceanic Systems (MOS), BrightCom will merge its Lumina telepresence technology into a new Sea Ray 44 Sedan Bridge sport yacht. The telepresence system will be comprised of a dual large LCD monitor telepresence unit located in the cabin of the vessel with 3D visualization and completely immersive telepresence environment for real-time ship to shore communication and data collaboration.

The telepresence system will be integrated with remote operated submersible ROV equipped with high definition cameras for real time coverage of underwater research of the ocean floor and sea life. The system will also communicate with a separate panel located on the bridge of the vessel with GPS and a scanning sonar system for underwater terrain mapping of the ocean floor.

According to Bob McCandless, CEO of BrightCom, “Boating and oceanography has always been a passion of mine and being able to bring real time, high definition communication directly from the ocean to the web will open up a world of possibilities for human communication.”

BrightCom’s telepresence infrastructure, the Visual Collaboration System (VCS) is a processor based, client/server architecture, allowing the Nereid Explorer to collaborate with a wide variety of endpoints including all BrightCom telepresence and video conferencing systems and SIP enabled conferencing systems. Remote desktops, laptops and web based clients can participate in live conference with the ship from anywhere around the world. This immersive technology provides clear communication without any specialized hardware required for remote conferencing endpoints. Robust data sharing and web conferencing capabilities also provide rich interaction with data side by side with high definition video and audio.

Mr. McCandless continued, “This launch demonstrates how BrightCom Telepresence technology gives the opportunity for people to stay visually connected and feel as if they are still sitting in the same room as the rest of their co-workers, customers or family and friends even if they are on the high seas. More importantly, however, this type of communication has the potential to alter the way in which we interact with our largest natural resource and can enhance communication and collaboration in underwater research, education, and entertainment.”

Future generations of BrightCom Telepresence solutions will also be able to provide data applications to live video such as augmented reality and real-time data editing providing more opportunities for oceanic research and education to interact with live video and pre-existing or new data.

BrightCom’s Lumina Telepresence is comprised of a line of diverse work environments providing life-like communication with people from around the world. For larger team presentations and collaboration, the L85 provides a retractable, executive class, telepresence suite. The L65 is a fixed telepresence system allowing for a complete and natural experience for your most critical boardroom meetings or larger presentations. Crafted as a modular telepresence workstation, the L37 provides a meeting environment for instant, every day, team meetings. The L1 is a modular and mobile telepresence workstation for personal telepresence.

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