SmsCoin: World's Leading Project Amongst Mobile Payments Providers Celebrates Its Fourth Birthday

SmsCoin, world's leading project in terms of provided services and countries offered worldwide had celebrated its fourth birthday. Throughout its existence the project had connected 70 countries and for each and every country there is a variety of seven ready-to-use services as well as an abundance of rates to choose from. In a traditional manner SmsCoin sums up its achievements and shares its plans for the future.

Haifa, Israel, July 16, 2010 --( A brand new service - sms:donate was added to SmsCoin project's list of already existing services. Sms:donate service provides the ability to collect donations for website development. According to SmsCoin statistics more than 3000 partners have implemented sms:donate service over the past year.

Since July 2009 another 10 countries were connected, including China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Montenegro, Turkey, India, Cambodia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus and Slovenia. Currently, 70 countries are connected and operating successfully, and by the end of this year SmsCoin intends to expand this list up to 100. Across various countries one can find the entire list of mobile carriers available, or those mobile carriers with the highest number of subscribers, hence all or at least most of the mobile phone owners in these countries are potential clients of SmsCoin partners.

For the convenience of work with quite a quantity of countries, mobile carriers and short codes SmsCoin enables its partners to receive automatic notification about all the changes in rates. Using this convenient feature SmsCoin partners don't need to follow up the changes in rate scale – all of the necessary information is sent automatically to them via e-mail. Such services as adding MNC and MCC parameter rates to feeds, as well as linking these parameters to all mobile carriers code processed by handlers and new and updated formats and export feeds data will be implemented in the nearest future.

Moreover, SmsCoin is moving forward and expands the list of mobile carriers available at this moment, adding new and competitive rates as well as constantly optimizing the project and its services.

During four years of its existence SmsCoin project has achieved tremendous success and became a leading company on the market due to number of countries connected in order to implement premium SMS services as well as fully functional solution for its partners. For those who wish to establish their business based on micro-payments can expect in the future of SmsCoin even more innovative technical solutions.

About SmsCoin project:
SmsCoin project has been working under the flag of Agregator Ltd company for almost four years now. This project was launched during the summer of 2006 with only two people involved. These two people currently manage a highly qualified and professional staff of over 20 people, specializing in various fields.

Some of SmsCoin clients include:,,, Alawar Entertainment, Herocraft and many more.

Presently, SmsCoin offers premium SMS services in over 70 countries worldwide. Thousands of projects are based on the project' services, dozens of unique scripts have been developed and millions of SMS-messages were processed. But, SmsCoin won't stop there, and will continue surprising its partners and competitors with unique ideas and innovative approach to its implementation.

Agregator Ltd.
Maria Krol