Launch of “Failing to Succeed” E-Manual Antidote to Recession Blues

A UK-based “anti”-motivation Web site aims to turn the tables on our recession woes with the launch of a new e-manual offering expert advice on how to “succeed at failure.”

London, United Kingdom, July 16, 2010 --( An anti-motivational e-manual launched today by UK-based “anti”-motivation Web site,, aims to show how failure is the true key to success.

Compiled from a series of seminars given by the author and company founder, Rick James --who terms his style of rhetoric “anti-”motivational-- the e-manual was written in response to what he sees as the “often patronising and over-weening culture perpetuated by the motivation industry.”

James says: “I originally launched my Web site in response to the demand from attendees at my seminar and anti-in-house training programmes to make my pro-failure ‘anti-’ message more widely available; a message that is finding great favour through my e-manual, especially considering the faltering world economy and other commercial and economic woes.”

The book and Web site, written in humorous, mock motivation rhetoric, take a critical look at the whole motivation industry and then simply reverse the rhetorical clichés and overblown hyperbole.

“It’s sort of reverse psychology,” James says. “However I’m actually trying to convey an important, up-beat message whilst examining our social and cultural precepts of failure-versus-success. Basically, my e-manual aims to show that the imploding world economy is actually leading us along a path to failure that can be used in our favour.”

Based on his successful seminars on the same theme, James argues in the e-manual that the real definition of failure is “letting motivational speakers tell you what to do.” James says you don’t need motivational speakers to tell you that you can be successful; what you really need is someone to tell you that you ought to get up off your seminar seat and go out and start living your life.

“Do something,” James says. “That’s the core principle of my e-manual and Web site. You can hardly count sitting in a seminar in a hotel auditorium, or whatever, doing anything. Get up off your seat, walk out the door and pursue your dream right now; with the launch of ‘Failing to Succeed’ I aim to convey to a wider audience that you don’t actually need me (or anyone) to tell you that you can do that.”


With years of experience in retail, hospitality and property investing, as well as teaching and motivation coaching, Rick James was adept at reading the markets and was a property millionaire by the age of 29-- and broke by 30.

Learning from the lessons failure taught him, he started his “anti-” teaching methods. His counterintuitive in-house training programs and seminars are designed to show people how effective failure can be as teacher and motivator by using role play, humour and other fun techniques.

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