BOLDPRINT Pilot Project Findings Released

Engagement improves literacy for struggling readers.

Brandon, FL, July 16, 2010 --( Last year, Rubicon Publishing brought their award-winning BOLDPRINT series into a classroom of struggling and reluctant readers with the aim of improving student literacy. In the pilot project, 11 BOLDPRINT books were used exclusively over a period of three months with two intensive reading classes in Grades 9 and 10 at Brandon High School in Florida.

The report’s findings suggest that the project was highly successful both in improving literacy and in engaging students. “The students enjoyed the books they read in the BOLDPRINT series,” Lauwan Wiseman, the teacher overseeing the project, stated. “The students wanted to read the longer passages in the books, and the FYI facts added to their vocabulary and knowledge base.” Wiseman noted that student comprehension had improved because they enjoyed the material.

Renowned educator David Booth and Series Editor of the newly released INTERFACE books Joan Green developed a questionnaire for the report, which examined student attitudes toward reading. They also conducted an assessment before and after the project that evaluated student comprehension. In addition, the report contains a record of Wiseman’s observational journal, which was maintained throughout the project. The report provides an assessment of each of the books used.

“The kids found connections with [BOLDPRINT] and I think that’s the key to any kind of reading,” Leslie Granich, principal of Brandon High School, said.

“The book is very informational. It has great graphics, and it teaches you a lot of things that you probably never knew about the subject,” one student commented.

Booth also conducted a set of interviews that are available to view in a short video that has been released along with the report. In the video, Wiseman and her students discuss the BOLDPRINT books and their experience with them.

View the report and video:

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