Children’s Book Makes Saving Fun and Teaches Valuable Lesson

“Feeding Penny Pig” Teaches Kids Financial Responsibility.

Houston, TX, July 16, 2010 --( Author Jeannine Fox, a Certified Financial Planner™ and Certified Public Accountant, has written a book entitled, Feeding Penny Pig. This book is devoted to helping young children learn the lessons of financial responsibility and saving money. These lessons will help them avoid common pitfalls when they get older.

“As the U.S. faces an uphill climb out of a recession, it is more important than ever that future generations know to responsibly handle money. Our country is paying the price now for overspending, credit abuse and other irresponsible money management. If we teach kids at a young age to save and value money, we can prevent these problems from happening again,” said Fox.

Feeding Penny Pig is about a little girl, Laney, and her piggy bank. In the story, Laney’s grandmother Mimi gives her a very special piggy bank named “Penny Pig” for her birthday. Every day, Laney must do chores for her parents in order to feed Penny coins. Because Laney loves Penny so much, she begins to love working around the house in order to keep her happy and full. The friendship between them teaches Laney responsibility and the value of earning and saving money. “While it’s great to get high school students educated about the real world and money, I think you have to start at the elementary level,” said Fox. “That’s what this book does, it’s not ‘this is a stock and this is a bond.’ It’s ‘this is a coin and you need to save it.’”

Feeding Penny Pig may be purchased at, and through most other bookstores. It is also available at; which additionally also offers other resources and fun activities for children.

Jeannine Fox has been practicing financial planning in the Houston area since 1981. Fox is the branch manager of The Planning Team in Houston and a Division Manager and Investment Advisor Representative of NEXT Financial Group, Inc. Member FINRA/SPIC. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in business from the University of Alabama and an MBA with concentrations in finance and accounting from the University of Houston. Fox has also been a featured guest on a variety of radio and television shows, and a contributor for The Money Paper, Southwest Airline’s Spirit magazine, Financial Planner magazine, Senior Spirit, and USA Today.

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