kNight Romance Publishing Announces the Release of The NightMan

Target readers: 17 & Up. kNight Romance Publishing announced today the release of The NightMan by paranormal romance author T.L. Mitchell. The short story is available in paperback, Kindle and E-book.

Bedford, VA, July 16, 2010 --( “A charming, romantic and utterly sensual story of love, lust and danger in a world where vampires and werewolves exist.” 5 Stars- Gloria LaKritz Senior Reviewer Paranormal Romance Guild.

The NightMan is a story of love and daring excitement. Caitlin, a beautiful woman who is caught between the control of one ruthless vampire and her only desire for love. Dorian, a vampire with only one desire; to devour the beautiful Caitlin. He has waited a hundred years for the chance of his immortal lifetime. The NightMan watches and protects. His heart longs for something more, something to free him from his bonds. A reason to fight. A reason to live. A reason to love.

One mysterious night under a new moon, love blooms, passions flare and freedom is so near. Can one night of love change the lives of three people? Who will be the one to overcome in The NightMan?

kNight Romance Publishing
Micheal Lacy